Click Your Way to Fame: ADDA Photography Contest

by adda

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Hello and Welcome to ADDA Photography Contest, 2018!

What is it about?

After a few years of an interval, we are back with our Annual Calendar, where Photographs from 12 Winners will be featured!

In the previous years,’ the ADDA Annual Calendar has been a roaring success with over a 1000 copy distribution PAN-India. So, this is your one chance to showcase your mastery of Photography to fellow Apartment Residents across India, Dubai, and Singapore!

The ADDA Calendar is pretty much the Kingfisher Calendar of Residential Communities, minus the beaches and …..  Yes, you guessed it right!

Photography Topic: Celebrations with Neighbors

Showcase the best Candid moments captured through your lens at an event/festival in your Apartment Complex. Could be a religious festival, cultural event, sports event, personal events/parties or even your pets’ birthday – the celebration is what truly matters!

How to Participate?

It’s really quite simple. You just need to follow these easy steps

  1. Post your Photographs by Joining the Facebook Group here – ADDA Photography Contest Facebook Group
  2. Get as many Likes as you can on your photos. The 12 Photographers with both highest Judges’ Score and maximum Likes will win!
  3. Final Day of Photo Submission: 10 November 2018 at 24:00

What Will You Win?

  2. Your Photography on ADDA’s Annual Calendar. A Chance to showcase your art to over 2000 Communities in India and abroad.
  3. 2 FREE CALENDARS. One for you and One for gifting to your near and dear ones to show off your Photography skills!
  4. Get Featured on ADDA website and Social Media

Few Simple Rules

  • Photographs from Mobile, Digital Cameras and DSLRs are all valid. For Mobile, the camera should be minimum 8 Megapixels or higher.
  • The images should be in 16:9 dimensions
  • Should be Your Own Photography
  • Pictures to be posted on the Facebook group only here – ADDA Photo Contest Facebook Group
  • Maximum 2 Photos allowed per Person
  • The Winners will be decided strictly by both Judges Score and Popularity, that is, Number of Likes on their Photos
  • Final Day on Photo Submission – 10 November 2018

So, if you think You have what it takes to be a Photography Champion, then buckle up for the largest Photography Competition for Residential Communities in India!

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