ADDA is now integrated with UPI Apps! – BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm, GooglePay & more for Indian customers


Great news for Associations and Housing Societies in India!

ADDA now has UPI available for collecting Apartment Maintenance Fee, Sinking Fund, Facility Booking charges and any dues payable to the Association / Society bank (The Merchant)!

Even greater news:

Thanks to NPCI and our gateway partners, the MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) is ZERO for amounts less than 2000. Most Associations have ad hoc apartment maintenance fee or bills below Rs.2000 – Facility Booking Charges, Utility Bills, Move-in/out charges etc.

MC Members can collect Apartment Maintenance Fee via UPI from Residents

For apartment maintenance fee equal to or greater than Rs. 2000, the MDR charge is a flat fee of Rs.15 / transaction, including Taxes!

This means a maximum MDR of Rs.15/Transaction as against maximum MDR of Rs.1000/transaction that is charged to Commercial Merchants!

With this significant CASHLESS disruption for Housing Societies, most Associations on ADDA plan on absorbing the UPI MDR, so that 100% Collections from Residents can then be made Cashless!

For ADDA Customers this means 100% automated apartment maintenance fee Billing and Collection!!


1. Pay in the quickest mode available – UPI
2. Avail CashBack Offers as running on various UPI apps
3. In cases where your Association is absorbing the MDR, you pay no additional charge, not even that Rs.15!


1. Mandate all Residents to pay online! Save high Administrative overheads, reconciliation related disputes, be a proud Cashless and Corruption Free Organisation!
2. Avail the Special Starter Package of ADDA, where you get ADDAʼs Collection Module free of Subscription Cost!

ADDA thanks our Partners in bringing FinTech benefits to Apartment Owners Associations and Housing Societies in India!

Thanks to NCPI, PayU and Razorpay


Q1. How long will these attractive MDRs continue?
A. These rates are subsidized by the Government and will continue as long as Government support / NPCI support is present. Per our knowledge, the rate of zero below Rs.2000 is committed by the Govt till Dec 2019.

Q2. Will I get guaranteed cashback for all payments to my Society?
A. Cashback and other offers are given from time to time by Leading UPI apps that are integrated on ADDA. When these offers are available you may utilize them.

Q3. I donʼt pay anything additional when making UPI payment to my newspaper vendor. Why is there any additional charge (MDR) at all for UPI payment to my Association/Society?
A. When Individuals are collecting via UPI it is a peer-to-peer transaction that incurs no charges as of now.

However, an Association is considered a Merchant and the Transaction Processing Charge is applicable for Merchants. Like Commercial Merchants, many Associations are absorbing the UPI charges so 100% payments can happen online.

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