ADDA – The FinTech Product for Singapore Condos



Managing Properties and Stakeholders of properties is a complex Business.

However, these Businesses find a dearth of SERIOUS productivity solutions.

For Decades Property Management firms and MCST Management Agencies, have been managing properties the old fashioned way – Paperwork, Spreadsheets and Manpower heavy Processes. Some large firms use offline software but are struggling with the difficulty to upgrade these with changing technology.

Their hunt for robust online software brings them to FREE software who build basic functions and focus on monetising the Product. Most firms do not find the confidence to move their operations to such experimental vendors with unproven business models.

As a result of such Lack of Efficient Online ERP for managing Properties / MCSTs:

  1. OWNERS/TENANTS SUFFER. More than 30% of Owners do not reside in the Condo Community, having rented their property out. With lack of robust Online Communication platform from the MCST/Management Agency, these Owners feel uninformed and uninvolved with their property. Tenants have to depend on the Noticeboards next to elevators or common area, for important information from building management.

2. MCST/MA SUFFER. With lack of automated online ERP, High administrative costs are incurred in Maintenance Charge and other Bill Generation, Distribution to all Owners. Collection happens via Cheque and Bank Transfers which means more manpower on traditional collection handling. With no Online Helpdesk management, there is no central data from where intelligence can be mined towards continuous improvements.

3. BUILDERS SUFFER. The process of transfer of control of the property from Builder to MCST ends up in Dissatisfaction as well as high Administrative effort. This is due to the lack of an organized system that may have been put in place by Builder, and can be easily handed over to the MCST/MA.

Overall – High Costs, Hassled Owners/Residents and Management Agencies stuck in Inefficiencies.

2019 marks the end of this.

ADDA – the ERP+FinTech+Social product for managing Properties and Communities has launched its Operations in Singapore.

ADDA comes with a Proven Global Track Record of 10+ years, hosting 500,000+ High-End condo units, being the Technology backbone of the Communities.

ADDA Connects every aspect of your Property/Community, giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of Product Packages.

Contact Us for a No Obligation demo of the Product! Don’t Suffer when a Solution is available now!

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