How Communication plays a vital role in the Real Estate Industry!


How Communication plays a vital role in the Real estate industry

I am sure everyone had instances where they wanted to say something and it came out totally wrong! Maybe it had the opposite effect as well. Proper communication is much needed for any industry to flourish. But what does communication in the residential real estate industry mean?

We can classify them into four distinct categories:

  1. Communication between the builder and the resident
  2. Communication within the builder workforce
  3. Communication within the resident community
  4. Communication with the outside society

Communication between the Builders and Residents

Communication between the builder and the resident is one of the major concern till date. It is crucial for the builder to drive sales as well as improve their brand image.  Did you know almost 25-30% of your existing residents are ready to purchase a second property? If a builder communicates well with the residents and provides a good after sales service, the resident will be more inclined to purchase the 2nd property from the same builder.

If a Builder is merely concerned just about the sales of his properties – it will pose a problem in the long run. In a competitive market like real estate, customer satisfaction is slowly & steadily turning into to be a major key factor.

Internal Communication

What happens when there is a lack of communication between the employees in a company? The workflow gets disrupted due to miscommunication and can lead to potential disaster! The efficiency of the company depends on how well the employees communicate and work together to achieve a goal.

Builders are now taking a more progressive approach using technology to automate a lot of the operations within the company using software deviating from the traditional manual process. This has made the company workflow much more efficient and streamlined by reducing the time of action.

What residents talk to themselves?

An apartment is also a community. Every apartment will have a management committee who is responsible for common area maintenance, clubhouse management as well as addressing resident complaints. The management committee acts as a bridge between the residents and the builders. Any community problem or request is brought up for the association meetings. Here communication between the residents, the management committee and the builder becomes pivotal.

For a builder, brand image is everything. If a resident likes the service provided by their builders, they will definitely tell their friends and family living outside the society about it! Maintaining a brand image is crucial for the builders as, this determines the sales of the builder. More and more people will be drawn to invest in their properties if the quality of buildings and services are top class.

What ADDA can do for Builders

ADDA will bridge the gap between the builder and the resident. The Builder will be able to control all the properties centrally and provide a timely response for any action on the property level and thereby manage resources efficiently.

Imagine the builder sending across messages to the residents if there is a water shortage or a power shortage or any other emergency! These are just small things which makes a huge difference when it comes to Customer satisfaction.

For a builder handing over the property to the customer is a tedious task. ADDA makes the handing over process much easier. ADDA has expertise in dealing with residents for more than 10 years. We can help builders like yourself provide the best service for your customers through Enterprise.

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