ADDA Gatekeeper Grabs “Premium Usability Award” for Visitor Management Software Category


Trusted by thousands of Apartment/Condo residents, ADDA is continuously working to provide everyone with state-of-the-art and reliable apartment management services. In light of this, FinancesOnline, a popular B2B software review platform awarded ADDA Gatekeepr with the Premium Usability 2018 award for Visitor Management Software. This recognition is given out annually to products that provide outstanding solutions for B2B companies across a number of categories.

 Best Visitor Management Software Award  Best Visitor Management Software Award


With an overall review score of 8 out of 10, and a user satisfaction score of 95% at the time of this writing, ADDA was also honoured with FinancesOnline’s Rising star 2018 award. FinancesOnline also utilized its unique Customer Satisfaction Algorithm to determine the general perception of ADDA users about our software. The algorithm gathers all comments, feedback, opinions, and user reviews about ADDA which generated an extremely positive 95 percent user satisfaction rating. Browse FinancesOnline for the full ADDA Security features review and try ADDA apps today for an affordable, modern, fast, reliable, and secure apartment platform to fuel your operations.

In evaluating ADDA for the 2018 Premium Usability Award, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared ADDA Security against its competitors in the best visitor management software space in various scenarios. Some of the specific criteria taken into account in the visitor management software analysis by FinancesOnline were:

1)  ADDA Gatekeeper’s range of “Visitor Management and Apartment Security functionalities,” combined with a simple and intuitive interface.

2) The capacity to validate Visitors right from your Mobile Phone, even if Intercom is down!
Email ingestion from multiple apps and services.

3)  Getting immediate help during emergencies from Security Guards, Neighbors
4) Staff attendance management (Cook, housekeeper, Nanny, Driver).

5) Ability to stop impostors trying to enter your Apartment Complex, ability to verify contact details of visitors, capture photos, monitor overstay and ability to stop blacklisted staff from entering.

6) Preventing pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel through accurate data capture at the security gate.

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We’re delighted to have a shiny new award to put on the ADDA mantle. More importantly, the 2018 Premium usability award is another confirmation that our solution is considered by critics as one of the top alternatives to visitor management software for providing the best value to Apartment Owners.

Please visit FinancesOnline to post your own review of ADDA Gatekeeper, and thanks for your support through another amazing year. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2019!

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