Pongal in Your Apartment Complex: 4 Cool Ways to Celebrate 4 Days

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Pongal in Your Apartment Complex: 4 Cool Ways to Celebrate 4 Days

Are you a classic example of a person who parties on all day during Navaratri, carouses during Diwali and spends lots of merry times during Christmas? Then brace yourselves, because Pongal is here!

Pongal in a nutshell

Thai Pongal or just Pongal is essentially a Tamil Harvest Festival dedicated to the Sun God. Pongal is a 4 Day festival (Yes, more reasons to be happy!) and in 2019, it’s happening from 15 to 18 January. The event is also referred to as Makara Sankranti and is celebrated across India and abroad in countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, USA, Canada and more!

It is also the name of the dish prepared and consumed during the festival time. It is prepared with the newly harvested boiled and sweetened rice with lentil leaves.

Why Celebrate Pongal in Apartment Complex?

Pongal celebrations date back to more than over a millennia and started sometime during the Medieval Chola Empire in Southern India. Ancient festivals and traditions are often missed out these days owing to the urbanization, accelerated work culture, and schedule of the Residents residing the Apartment Complex.

The primary issue is that the children born and living in these high rise structures of brick and mortar are quickly losing track of their traditional roots and ethic values. There is also a rising concern amongst the residents is they are getting cut off from their traditional customs and native community since they are unable to enjoy these festivals with their extended families and friends back home.

Therefore, celebrating the Pongal festival right inside your apartment complex will not only give you the feel of celebrating this event with a community, but also a chance for the young ones know about their roots. For the more exuberant ones, a chance to spend 4 more days in the most awesome way!

4 days of Pongal Celebration in your Apartment Complex

Day 1 – Arrange a Bonfire in the evening: On the first day of the festival, known as Bogi Pongal, the Pooja takes place along with a bonfire. All you have to do is arrange the bonfire in the evening and make it a community event. Spend an awesome evening with your friends, making new friends and perhaps a bottle (Or two, we won’t judge!).

Day 2 – Arrange a Kolam Competiton: The second and the most important day of the event is Perum or Surya Pongal. You can simply arrange for a children’s and women’s Kolam designing competition within your community. It not only will be an awesome engagement for the kids but also will make the complex grounds look beautiful.

Day 3 – Community Lunch/Dinner: Community lunch and dinners are always a great idea where everyone can participate in some way. It also helps in strengthening the bonds between neighbors and the children and moreover increases the overall excitement of the festival. The third day is called Mattu Pongal where traditionally the animals are bathed, messaged and dressed in vibrant colors. If you happen to have a doggo or kitty at home, might not be a bad idea to give them a shower too.

Day 4 – Arrange a Cultural Event: The fourth day, called Kanum Pongal is the concluding day of the festival. Arrange a cultural program with the children to get them more involved in this event. If you have a budget, you can also bring artists to make this event even bigger.

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