Managing Inventory Becomes Easier

by adda

Management Committee members often face difficult situations while managing the inventory of the community.

How often have you faced a situation when, you required items from the inventory, but the item you were looking for was over?

Avoid situations like this by setting up the all new enhanced Assets & Inventory module in the ADDA portal, which provides a centralised Inventory Management System.

The Assets & Inventory module in the ADDA Admin Portal makes all the tedious task of managing the inventory manually easy. Users can add/view inventory items, monitor their usage and extract relevant reports.

Most importantly get Notifications when an Inventory item is getting over!

Here is a quick view of the inventory in the Assets & Inventory Module –

The salient features released for the enhanced Assets & Inventory module are –

  • Inventory Categories

Categorising the inventory items is the best way to get it organized. Just like Assets, you can now properly arrange inventory items under the categories.

  • Reorder Level

Users can now set the reorder level for an item in the inventory. Once, the inventory amount goes below the reorder value, reminders are triggered to the concerned stakeholders. Also, the inventory items which are below the Reorder level, are color coded to attract the attention of the stakeholders.

  • Reorder Quantity

Oh! Inventory seems to be over!

It’s time to reorder. But how much should your Manager order?

Would your Manager call up the Management Committee in this case? Or would he have to search through documents for this answer?

Not anymore.

For each Inventory item, one can now also store the Reorder quantity, which the facility manager can easily refer while reordering.

Get in touch with us if you need any help regarding setup of Inventory or Assets on ADDA.

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