The rising need for Tech in Real Estate Industry

by adda

The rising need for Tech in Real Estate Industry, ADDA Blog

When to use software to manage? When you have a multitude of properties lined up and you need to onboard them onto a system that will be there with you for the years to come.
Something that brings you brand value addition. Imagine the possibilities of a connected community and being able to sell your properties via your first buyers itself!

How to manage a single property as though you are managing 100s of the same type? How to ensure you can run the property and community management like a profitable business?
You need to have the relevant info to make data-driven decisions that will boost the profitability of the Developer.

With ADDA you get a comprehensive, centralized view of your entire portfolio, ADDA makes it easy to spot trends, or see how day-to-day activities impact returns, so you can manage your assets more proactively, and confidently capture maximum ROI. 
ADDA gives you full visibility into all your properties–even if the data lives in multiple systems, or is managed across multiple teams.

The software gives you real-time, actionable insights about all your properties under management–all in one place. Proactively manage issues, with early warning into revenue risks and opportunities.

Differentiate yourself to win new business

Prove your value to your clients by demonstrating how management decisions contribute to a growing bottom line. Differentiate yourself from other developers and management groups with better technology and data transparency.

ADDA Enterprise enables you to proactively share real-time updates with the customer in an easy-to-access, user-friendly cloud portal. With a separate view for each customer, it’s easy to streamline communications and increase transparency.

Identifying troubled properties

Spend less time digging through data and get real-time info on what is causing the loss in managing a particular property. Fix issues immediately comparing the successful properties from the ones causing a loss.

Uncovering new Revenue opportunities

Create your brand value via the best forms of communication and services. Keep your customers in the loop with the progress in their property such as Loyalty programmes that enable your owners/buyers to become your sellers.

Nothing is more pleasurable than beating the old norms of using paper to market your upcoming strategic developments by going digital and leveraging the reach of software tools to boost sales & marketing.

New revenue opportunities are driven by creating a brand not only with the properties delivered by you but also with the management and services provided. Customer Care is paramount in this generation of competition in Real Estate and so the future requires us to enable Residential Real Estate to have technology embedded into it from day one.

Connecting the Dots

Starting from the first buyer, imagine being able to connect with them on the details of the property progress. Ensure the deposits and payments are done on time providing receipts on payment to owners via a mobile app! From CRM into ADDA!

Connect with your customers and enable them enough so they become your sellers. According to recent real estate trends, 35% of your new property is sold to existing customers. Enhance the customer experience and shift your focus on connecting with them building a rapport for future success.

The right solution

Free software companies are aware of the difficulty in switching to another solution especially when the developer is in between multiple ongoing projects. So, then you get stuck in one single software which is cheap in price, service, and quality due to which the new properties take a hit from the first day of management.

The right solution helps you in being flexible and grows with you as you grow your business.
ADDA’s expertise in boosting the efficiency of gated community management is from being in the market for about 10 years. International presence in Dubai & Singapore has helped ADDA in encompassing the best global practices into the software.

Eager to have a brief on ADDA Enterprise and what we have in store to enhance your customer satisfaction and sales? Connect here!

Go with the right solution From The Beginning. From Your Beginning.

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