Gated Communities – The Future of Affordable Housing


Gated Communities - The Future of Affordable Living

“What is this life if, full of care. We have no time to stand and stare.” W.H.Davies wondered and modern times provided the answer. A life full of care deserves a gated community as home sweet home. Luxury and sprawling landscape, the signature features of gated communities, are just what our generation of busy bees need to unwind after a long hard day. With population exploding globally and real estate prices going up, the dreams of ‘apna ghar’ spread across a rambling garden are no longer realistic. (Unless you are a multi-millionaire or a tax evader). A simple method of utilising limited space to its maximum potential for residential purposes is, of course, apartments.

We have lofty dreams but not proportionate moolah. Despite salivating over pictures of villas and mansions and cottages of rural Europe, practical sense compels us to turn our attention to apartments. Technically, there’s nothing not to like about apartments.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Let us accept a basic fact : toiling for eight to nine hours a day does not leave much behind in the energy reservoir. Needless to say, we will never be satisfied with the work of the housekeeping staff and always take it on ourselves to clean our houses. Logically speaking, cleaning a compact unit is easier than a spacious mansion. The Management Committee collects a maintenance charge for the upkeep of the common areas, common electricity bill, water charges and any miscellaneous expenses of the entire complex. There is usually a support team at hand to fix matters like leaky taps or faucets, faulty lights, broken pathways. With the advent of apps (ADDA being a pioneer), payment of maintenance bills, accounting and contacting the handyman team for maintenance issues literally just takes the effort of pressing a few buttons. (Psst! You might get scratch cards and cash back on maintenance payment because UPI Integration.)

Considering the bulk of people constantly on the lookout for affordable housing solutions, apartments are easy to re-sale as well as rent out. Apartment upkeep is not an expensive affair and they sell like hot cakes. As a result, investing in an apartment does not tie people down to a particular place for the sake of being the guardian of the house.

The Place Called Home

Gated Communities are either located in busy pockets of the city, easily accessible suburbs or they end up attracting business in their vicinity. They are almost always accessible easily by road or metros. The ones in city limits are built such that they are insulated from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying a quaint type of serenity of their own. Basic amenities like groceries, medical requirements, markets are usually nearby.

Compact Space, Healthier Bank Balance

The residential unit of Gated Communities are compact. As a result tons are saved on extensive household cleaning, utilities, electricity and water bills. Nevertheless, people still might feel cramped. Apartment living assists us to follow a minimalist lifestyle. Parking areas are often small and each unit usually have just one parking slot allotted to them. However, with the rising trend of car pooling and effortless availability of app cabs, this issue is no longer a deterrent to invest.  

Anyhow, if you are the kind of person who loves to have extensive private outdoor space, we will hope you belong to the British Royal family. Outdoor jogging and yoga and free hand exercises will never be a lonely affair in a complex. Or you can always wake up at 4:00 a.m. and get on with your work out regimen in privacy. The concept of space in complexes is all about sharing. Sharing is caring, remember?

The shared space concern often makes apartment committees object to the presence of pets. Notwithstanding, the Supreme Court has issued enough directives indicating pets cannot be barred from apartments. It is the pet parents’ responsibility to ensure house training, deworming, vaccination and sterilisation are done right on time.

Camaraderie for Life

Gated communities and integrated townships are the 21st century urban villages. The philosophy of sustainable co-existence in these communities are similar to the principles of villages. Fostering a healthy community spirit in apartment set ups are of vital importance. Here are some ways in which we cannot escape being little lonely islands in Gated Communities:

Let’s face a bitter fact : we are too busy with our lives and we hardly socialise. Left alone to ourselves, we would probably stick to our phones, tablets and other fancy gadgets, binging on Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and what not. Staying in apartments compels us to be more social. The one duty bringing people together are the apartment management committee meetings. With apartment management apps in the market, these otherwise dry and hectic meetings are more productive. ADDA makes communication easier among committee members and residents. Hence, when the committee meets physically, they can rather work on execution of plans than waste time in discussions. Activity oriented meetings promote stronger bonding among community members. It mimics the set up of a vast joint family coming together to ensure a common objective is accomplished with absolute success.

Social interaction is of immense importance for children. Growing up together with kids of all ages and unique temperaments, teach children to be more accommodating. They learn necessary social skills to develop a healthy. Friends and a secure gated arrangement provide kids a safe space to indulge in outdoor sports ensuring greater fitness. This applies to adults too. Gated societies’ necessity to function as a united unit encourage adults to mingle and form friendships beyond their comfort zones. This prompts individuals to be more in touch with their human self after going through the ruthless rat race for the greater part of the day.

Yes yes, we know. There are always those problematic neighbours. The party crazy bachelor with their subwoofers blasting or the nosey uncle always asking too many questions or the opinionated aunty having an unwelcome perspective about everything. But that is okay. Look at them as opportunities to get in touch with your inner child and deal with them as creatively as possible.

The community spirit can always be utilised to have weekend gatherings to contribute to social welfare by conducting waste management workshops, water harvesting workshops, solar energy installations, coexistence with animals in the locality and practicing a sustainable, ecologically sound lifestyle together.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry with Best Visitor Management Software

We do not live in a safe world anymore. Crime statistics are on the rise. Security for everyone – children, adults, senior citizens are of utmost importance. Gated communities provide this dependability. They are like modern day forts committed to protect their residents. Visitor Management Software like ADDA Gatekeeper make it all the more easy and seamless to address security concerns and help to have a digitalised, centralised and transparent security structure. Since a Gated Community is a small village, even residents act as each others’ security back ups making staying in apartments a safe and comfortable option.

Apartments are paisa vasool possessions- luxurious, easy to maintain, secure and with apps, easy to manage. With increasing population density and reduction of resources, apartments are the housing solutions of the future. They are undemanding investments with profitable returns. The benefits of gated societies are vast enough to outweigh the cons. It is a prudent decision to procure a unit in a gated society for youngsters looking to make their first property purchase.

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