Product Updates: Spirit of May on ADDA


“As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer”

We bring you the midsummer releases on your ADDA!

Video Thumbnails in Conversations

The conversations screen has become much more engaging with the release of this feature. If you put a video link in a conversation post, it shows a preview of the Video, and on posting the video preview comes up.

MyADDA update on ADDA App

Now released only for iOS. This will soon get released in Android also

Download Option for Receipt and Invoices in ADDA App

Now you can download invoices and receipts right from the ADDA App. This helps to take an offline copy, print if required and also share the copy if required.

ADDa App Receipt Product Update

Cancel option for Free Facilities in ADDA App

Quite often you would have booked a Free Common Facility, and then your plan changes, because of which you are not able to go ahead with the booking.

ADDA App Facility Booking Update


With the option to Cancel, confirmed bookings are done for Free facilities, from the App, you can free up facilities which were booked. This results in better utilization of Facilities.

In other news, ApartmentADDA is now just ADDA! Read more.

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