7 Reasons Why Having A Society Management Software is A Must

by ADDA.io

Society Management SoftwareCo-operative housing societies are an immense responsibility to manage. With their sizes increasing every day to take a form similar to integrated townships, managing them has become a task of its own. The Management Committee takes responsibility to manage all aspects for the smooth functioning of these societies. It is a voluntary task and demands a lot of time and effort from the committee members. Considering, they fulfill these responsibilities alongside their daily work pressure and family commitments, it makes sense to opt for an automated system that will reduce the workload of the committee members and improve efficiency. Keeping this requirement in mind, technology has gifted the market with Society Management Software. But why do you need it anyway?

Managing “complex data” – What is it?

So there are all these funds a co-operative housing society has to manage – maintenance charges, repairs fund, reserve fund, sinking fund, working capital. Sounds intimidating already, doesn’t it? This is where the software comes into play.

Society accounting

Manual bookkeeping can be strenuous and prone to errors. In a manual system, the committee has to maintain multiple registers or ledgers. Each ledger keeps track of different accounts, expenses, and income in each of these accounts. Calculating and compiling the balance sheet at the end of each financial year, are hectic and most often have flaws. Consequently, there are repeated revisions and correcting

Society Management Software allows listing expenses under pre-set labels. They can help track purchases made for society. There need not be several different registers to maintain different kinds of accounts or funds – just one software to calculate all data and create an automated balance sheet; all ready for the auditor to review and receive approval.

Communication Is Key

The Society Management Software gives a dedicated platform to communicate among society members. WhatsApp and Facebook groups are not marked as a dedicated society management tool. Bigger the societies, more the number of WhatsApp groups. This system makes it difficult to track the official WhatsApp group. The continuous pinging of irrelevant forwards and messages are distracting and users often mute notifications, thereby missing important notices. However, with a steadfast software, there is one single official forum to converse on everything related to society. Notices cannot be posted randomly by anyone and everyone. Only verified notices are posted. Activities are updated. Records of activities can be kept in the form of pictures for all to see. Greater the communication, more the transparency, deeper the bonding.

apartment management software

Transparent Administration

Harmony is the keyword for a society to survive and function smoothly. However, that is difficult if there is a lack of transparency in the management of society. The human mind tends to suspect at the slightest chance. Suspicion can soon snowball into nasty paranoia causing tiffs and unnecessary arguments, resulting in a chaotic living environment.

Society Management Committee

With Society Management Software, data retrieval is easy. Access can be given by admins to other members of the society to view details of billing, purchases, the status of facility management and maintenance of the common areas. Financial data (not bank details), discussions, activities, updates, records of everything stays in the cloud space. No information, no record is ever lost.

Optimum usage of facilities

So you have bought that nice shiny apartment near Juhu Beach. Very sassy. Very luxurious. You pay a hefty maintenance fee. You also pay your fair share of utility bills. Yet you have hardly used the facilities your society has to offer. Why? Either you are unaware of the details of facilities offered or you don’t know who to approach to use them properly. Softwares are customized to include what facilities your society offers. Just sit at home, chill with Netflix and browse your Society Management App to see what are available.

Book facilities from time to time for your personal entertainment while being in your home ground. These smart apps also allow the user to see the availability of facilities in real time.

Also if you don’t use the facilities, who will?

Increasing Income

Think about the last thing someone gave you for free (friends and gifts not included). Drawing a blank, aren’t you? Yeah! Thought so. Nobody does anything for free. Nobody will maintain a society for free. So yes, you got that right! You need the paisa and you need to ensure reaching the maximum income potential.

Society Management Software

Society Maintenance Dues

There has to be a flawless system to remind payment of maintenance dues and an efficient system to track defaulters. Late payment penalties have to be tracked and constantly added till payments are all cleared up. A gentle reminder helps individuals to pay their dues more effectively. Accordingly, the income grows to maintain society well. A beautifully maintained society adds higher value to the respective private units in the real estate market. A faultless, organized balance sheet showing an upward growth in income can even help the society be sustainable and self-sufficient someday.

Service Management

One cannot stay in an apartment and not have the issue of the occasional leaking pipe. And at times like these, help is of utmost necessity. Unfortunately, in a manual system, one complaint will be bounced off one person to the other before it reaches the concerned department. A work that could have been resolved in 2 hours, takes about 12. The software does away with the unconnected middle levels and connects the residents directly to the maintenance team. It is a tool in the hands of both parties to increase their efficiency.


Last but never, ever the least is security. A gated society needs as strong a security system as possible. The best security is the one where humans and technology work together. Society Management Software the correct blend of it. Visitor approvals, authentication, timely check-ins and checkouts are a few features, apps provide to ensure a smooth, yet efficient gate security. The catch? It can help an apartment/housing society be paperless, contributing to environmental sustainability without compromising on luxury and safety.

Society Gate Management Software

Technology and humans – both have their limits. Technology needs monitoring and feeding of data into it, to work. Humans are prone to fallacies and exhaustion. Home is the place where we escape after a hard day’s work. Home is where we rest. If managing our home, starts to feel like a burdensome chore, we lose that one abode of peace in our lives. Hence, if a simple software can help ease some of that burden, then why not give it a shot?

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