We ADDAites cannot keep calm because the Rise High Awards 2019 – The Oscars of Community Management is finally here! 

The Rise High Awards was conceptualized to honor the unsung heroes of community development – the residents who become leaders, bearing the torch of social, administrative, financial and environmental sustainability in their communities.

The event showcases real people and real communities, who go beyond their call of duty and contribute to the betterment of their society at large. Rise High Awards is not just an award show.

It is a platform to inspire us and remind us that little drops indeed make the large ocean. Every initiative, every nomination has a story of grit, courage, and passion in it. The Rise High Awards decorates the apartment complexes and housing societies who dared to be different.

Every apartment community and co-operative housing society faces the brunt of the issues plaguing the world at large. Water shortage, lack of greenery, frequent power blackouts, high electricity bills. Today, we have wiser communities with proactive residents who have decided to tackle the bull by its horns. 

This year ADDA celebrates its 10th year anniversary. Therefore, the Rise High Awards are gearing to be bigger, better and more daring than the previous installments.

About The Rise High Awards

Rise High Awards was designed to promote the strength of a connected community. ADDA believes in the potential of a connected community. The software platform was built to unleash the changes a harmonious community can bring about to their ecosystem.

The Rise High Awards is a testimonial of the vision of the company and says who we are.

Who Can Qualify?

Every apartment complex or housing society who have taken up projects to develop their surroundings can send in their nominations.

Click to see the kind of stories you can share in the following categories: 

Domestic Staff Welfare; Green Initiatives; Initiatives Outside Gate; Builder – Association Collaboration; Renewable Energy; Waste Management; Water Management; Best Community Manager.

If you have taken an initiative and have seen positive results, we are eager to hear about it.

Terms & Conditions

  • Initiatives have to be a part of your apartment association or complex neighbors
  • Nominations are invited from all over the world
  • Multiple different initiatives can qualify for multiple nominations
  • No word limit on the description of initiatives
  • Pictures are mandatory
  • The last date of submission is October 10, 2019

Apply here or check out our website for more details.

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