Fighting The Water War Like A Pro

by adda

Depleting groundwater levels, lakes drying up, wells emptying – these are news we get to know every day. Yet how many of us take the time, sit back and think about our water requirements? Not many. Water is singularly the most important part of our lives. Nothing in our daily activities happen without water.

Sitting and cracking your brains over that difficult project? A bottle of water nearby is an absolute necessity. Need a clean house? A bucket of water is mandatory. Clothes are unclean? Water to the rescue. Need that delicious platter you have been salivating over? Water is an ingredient in the dish.

The residents of Madhu Park Ridge Block B took the time from their busy schedules to evaluate the water crisis around them. Believing in the true spirit of leading by example, they have set up a rainwater harvesting system, saving several liters of water from just running off into the sewers.

What Did They Do?

Big apartments should have rainwater pits. With the help of a rainwater harvesting expert, Madhu Park identified 4 locations to have the pit. In their apartment, rain water collected by the terrace pours down to an outer drainage surrounding the driveway. Therefore, they needed to identify proper places and divert the drainage to the rain water pit.

Recharge Pit with Injection Borewell

Madhu Park implemented the borewell pit method to maximise their storage of rainwater. The objective is to not let even a single drop of rain water go to waste.

In this method an injection borewell of 100ft depth is made and the pit is constructed surrounding this well. This injection borewell help the rain water to reach proper ground depth. In their apartment they had 3 rainwater pits with injection borewell and one without the well. Each pit is of 10ft x 10ft size and 8ft to 10ft depth. The cost of each pit is around INR 40000/- including borewell cost.

The impact

Madhu Park Ridge Block B is on their way to be sustainable with their water requirements. Saving a sizeable amount of liters of water every year during the rains, helps them to combat the disastrous water crisis that has gripped our country. Tankers and water lorries do not feature in their long term plans.

Madhu Park Ridge Block B – Rise High Awards 2019 Nominee

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