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We are a generation that depends on machines and technology for almost every step of our daily life. There are constant improvements in the field and gadgets are getting rejected in millions of tonnes per year around the globe. Ever wondered what happens to these huge chunk of e-waste generated every single day? The answer is probably no.

E-waste are recorded to be toxic to the environment. Their components of plastic and metal are nowhere near to being biodegradable. Lack of awareness, causes the bulk to go into huge dump yards who do not have any dedicated measure of tackling e-waste. This kind of waste is the most underrated slow poison threat facing our environment.

The residents of Deccan Palms Villa in Bengaluru decided to face the very critical question – “What happens to our e-waste?” and act on it.

The Beginning

In the month of April 2019, the residents committed to dealing with the e-waste generated by their community productively. Waste management of the dry and wet is essential but people indeed forget the waste produced from electronic waste are by far more hazardous to the health and environment of a society .

Children follow what they see the adults do. Keeping this philosophy in mind, the grown ups educated the children of the Community during their summer vacation with presentations, videos, activities, competitions, painting, and extempore speech on the topic of waste management, focusing mainly on electronic waste.

Going About It

Being a relatively new niche, the community enlisted the help of a company called SAHAAS which not only collects the eWaste produced by their society, but also sends it to the recycling factory.

Luckily, the community faced negligible challenges to implement the programme. The community realised long ago the benefits of segregating their wastes at the source. The highlight of the initiative is the involvement of children in building a greener community. So at one hand, they have a complete waste segregation and management system in place; while on the other hand they are teaching their children to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to be responsible for their community at large.

The Rewards

The impact of their efforts have seen the community being featured in leading dailies like The Hindu and The New Indian Express. Touted as the Waste Warriors, they have built a truly clean community with innovative waste awareness program and management.

Every household in Deccan Palms have now started donating or submitting or throwing their electronic waste to the bin provided specifically for the purpose. They have come a long way from the initial days when the e-waste would just pile up along with the dry waste in the bin.

The populous were now aware of the hazardous impact it had on the soil and the air. The eWaste is a harmful pollutant if not disposed appropriately. It can cause cancer, asthma, tuberculosis and many other diseases in both children and adults.

An on-going waste management project, the community collected 50Kg of eWaste in just a month. The project aims to convert the community into electronic waste free community to keep its ideal of “Waste Management also requires responsible recycling” high.

Deccan Palms Villa – Rise High Awards 2019 Nominee

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