Rebuilding The World’s Lungs

With the Amazon rainforest burning, mindless deforestation turning a green earth into a parched brown land, we are looking forward to a deadly catastrophe. It is not unknown that trees are the providential “lungs of the world”. With their ability to process carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, the sobriquet is fitting.

Communities, especially the urban gated communities, have enormous potential to undo the damage caused in the green cover of this planet. A simple determined objective of being sustainable about their own needs is more than enough to start correcting the environmental imbalance. Artha Grihasta intends to do just that.

What and How?

On this Independence Day, August 15, 2019, the Association organised a plantation drive named as Go Green Kids. They planted more than 50 saplings and felt that giving back to nature should be something we do on a regular basis. They will be driving this initiative beyond their layout to ensure their future generation breathes in clear and pollution free air.

The Impact

The initiative has several layers of benefits. 

Most important being the laying of a foundation among the children of the community to live a sustainable lifestyle. Children, being the future inheritors of this planet, deserve to be taught how to benefit the world around them. As the fight for natural resources get tougher day by day, it is extremely important, they are trained from a young age to accept the scarcity that will become a reality in their adult life. They must be trained to understand the insufficiency can only be taken care of by individual proactive measures and inculcating green habits in daily lifestyle. Artha Grihasta has shown exemplary courage by involving the children in their environmental projects.

Greenery has never hurt anyone. With Karnataka facing the brunt of climate change and depleting groundwater levels, planting trees is a long term solution to fight both problems with just one initiative. Trees are known to control temperature and help in recharging groundwater levels by regularising rainfall.

We doff our hats to Artha Grihastha Owners Association and the residents for taking up the challenge of returning balance in the environment and productively working towards achieving their goal. 

ADDA is welcoming stories of such initiatives for Rise High Awards 2019. We are overwhelmed with inspiring sustainable initiatives pouring in everyday. And we are looking for more stories. So if you have a similar story to share, please click here.

Artha Grihasta – Rise High Awards 2019 Nominee

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Rebuilding The World's Lungs
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Rebuilding The World's Lungs
With rampant deforestation doing the rounds, plantation drives are the need of the hour. Catch Artha Grihasta doing their bit to rebuild the world's lungs.
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