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With New Year around the corner all of us are waiting for a fresh start, aren’t we? Why not give a new look to our home too? The only problem is deep home cleaning requires a lot of time and effort. Don’t worry! ADDA Discover is here to solve your problems. ADDA is India’s largest network of apartment communities with over 1.2 million users from 3,500+ housing communities across India and abroad. DISCOVER is ADDA’s exclusive marketplace for residents, to find trusted services recommended by their neighbours, on the ADDA App to meet their day to day home needs.  We have more than 100+ service offerings with 50+ vendors on Discover. Discover provides you all the services required to give your home a fresh start like home cleaning , painting, deep cleaning, pest control, carpet maintenance. Only ADDA users have the privilege of availing these services. The steps for booking a service :

ADDA Discover Home CLeaning Services

  1. Go to the ADDA app and visit Discover
  2. Under Clean My Home section you can find all the services that are needed to clean your entire home including kitchen.
  3. Choose the vendor and click on send an inquiry
  4. Our vendors will contact you immediately and after fixing the date and time, they clean every nook and corner of the house according to your requirement.

We understand the decision of hiring someone to clean your house can’t be taken easily and it is indeed a big deal. The main concern being, the people who you hire should be trusted with the privacy and safety your home offers. Keeping this in mind before listing services on Discover we make sure vendors go through a background check and we also evaluate them from time to time.

Let’s jump to the obvious question why spend money on home cleaning when you can clearly use it for Netflix subscription? Well let’s face it you wouldn’t enjoy binging a show with a messy environment around you. After a long day of work, imagine going back to a clean home free of dust from carpet to ceiling, Can anything be more comforting than this? With Christmas and New Year around the corner, we like to renovate the house with decorations for house parties. During renovation, a lot of debris is formed in bedrooms and kitchens. It is the time when surface cleaning would only remove a part of it whereas deep cleaning makes sure that the entire debris is removed so that you are protected from allergies and germs.

A deep cleaning service will remove the deep dirt and grime in your home. It will cover the areas that aren’t typically covered in a regular cleaning service. Enjoy this holiday season by booking services from ADDA Discover with just one click. It is definitely worth the try. Book your home cleaning services or other services now on,  Discover Services

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