Digitising Condo Security

by ADDA.io

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. It ranks first in terms of Law and Order Index. This not only ensures the security of the people living there but also attracts companies across the globe to establish their presence in Singapore. Kudos to the Singapore government for amending laws and orders that helped in this big achievement!

Condo Security

Crime can happen anytime even if it is the safest place on earth. It depends entirely on the circumstances of the person who commits the crime. Though there are several laws amended by the government, the crimes can still be unavoidable in certain cases. It is our duty to make sure that our environment and surroundings are secure in all possible ways.

Security In Singapore

Singaporeans feel safer than the residents of any other country in the world. Singapore is known for its high rise condominiums and HDB towers. The entire city is under 24/7 surveillance thus ensuring condo security and safety of the people living in Singapore. Most of the private condominiums have security guards while some of them don’t. They rely mainly on digital security systems. The HDBs in Singapore are usually guardless and anyone can enter the society.

Condo Security

The number of units in a residential community in Singapore may vary anywhere from 20 to 2000 and the average number of people living in a unit is around 4 to 5. Even if a condominium has security guards working 24/7, it is not easy to completely prevent the crimes within the society. The CCTV cameras can record the crimes that happen in a condominium/HDB but it may not alert the right person at the right time. The evidence of the crime may alert the police but the chances of stopping the crime are unpredictable.

ADDA & Condo Resident Security

What if there is a solution that can immediately alert the right person at the right time on just a tap of a button?

ADDA – The Apartment SuperApp has a panic alert button that can be used by the condo/HDB residents in case of an emergency. Pressing this button during an emergency can help the victim alert the family members, security guards, and even the neighbours(if required). The best part is, this button works even when there is no internet connection.

ADDA also has a mobile and desktop application for the security guards to record the visitor entries and incidents that happen in the society. The residents are immediately notified on their ADDA App when a visitor comes to the society to visit their flat. In case of a crime or any other incident that happens in a condominium, the guard can record the incident using the ADDA Gatekeeper App, which is the most comprehensive visitor management system. The recording can be used for the investigation of the crime. This may or may not help to prevent the crime from happening but this can help the security guard to immediately report the right person on time. The recorded crime can be made to be reviewed only by the Management Council/ Managing Agent of the condominium. This will prevent the security guard to share the recording in social media or any other platforms where it is not supposed to be posted. These incidents may cause the victim to file a case against the person on Doxxing, which has now been included in the Protection and Harassment Act(POHA).

ADDA provides the MCST managing agent/security agent with several reports to analyze the visitor management of the condominium. This will definitely help the security agencies to track any critical incidents that can happen in a condominium.

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