ADDA Gatekeeper App : Your Data is Safe with Us


ADDA Gatekeeper

GateKeeper App is the Product of ADDA built for Residential Communities for ensuring Security is Always the Priority

1) The Security Guard must have the Tool to do his job well.

2) The Resident must have full Visibility and Control of their Visitors & Security.

3) The Management must have means of responding to Emergencies, and investigating Crime.

It is used by Eminent Communities in India and Globally
Unfortunately, the talk about Residential Security in India has now changed to “How to get the Delivery Agent in quickly?”

To achieve this, certain liberties are being taken with the Private Data of Apartment Resident as well as the Guests.
We wish to affirm that ADDA DOES NOT practice this approach.

We are keenly aware that our Users trust us with the data most private to them – their Home.

We have fanatically guarded the Privacy and Security of this Data for 10 years.

We will continue to do so regardless of the Noise in the market.

Below is what ADDA GateKeeper DOES NOT and WILL NOT do:

1) ADDA App does not read your Food Orders or any Orders.Reading your Food orders does not serve the purpose of your Security. GateKeeper does not do that.

2) When you visit your Friend, and enter your Phone Number in ADDA GateKeeper App at that Gate, it does not show up your Photo and Details automatically.This is because there is no central database of Guests/Visitors that we maintain. ADDA has stringent data privacy protocols for Visitors, at the same level it has for its Users.

3) ADDA does not read your Guest/Visitor Data for the purpose of suggesting food or restaurant, or for any other purpose. ADDA believes your Visitor data is private to you. ADDA GateKeeper App is used in Communities that have a Vision for strengthening their Security using Technology.

If you are undertaking the Initiative of upgrading your Gate Security –  of welcoming Guests in Style without compromising the Security of your Residents or their Data, check out ADDA Gatekeeper- a product of the #1 apartment management system.

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