Better Safe, Than Sorry

by adda

What is the image that crosses your mind when you hear the phrases gated community or housing societies? Usually, we visualise a green sprawling walled, isolated piece of luxury, where no one is allowed without prior permission; several high rising towers overlooking luxuriant pools, play areas and clubhouse; a medley of people from all region, race and age group. Such a haven of luxury and a residential area with such varied demography must have a robust security system to ensure the maintenance of the peace in paradise. Specialised apartment security system have been specifically crafted keeping in mind the security needs of the residents of gated communities. 

With the right Apartment Security System, better be safe than sorry

Safety is no longer a given. As we progress to further scale the heights of civilization, strangely, the perversion of the human mind too increases bringing the criminal instinct to the fore. Therefore, one motto that becomes a part of everyday life is “Protect yourself at all costs.” So while you get enrolled in the self defense classes or carry your pepper spray, you can also bring in technology for your security needs. Your home is as much a part of you as any human. So what if technology allowed you to carry your apartment security system around the city, in your pocket? 

With the Best Visitor Management System, Always Know Who Is At Your Door

We are a generation of people thriving on having all our needs and wants being delivered to us at our doorstep. There is a constant flow of delivery executives in and out of gates continuously. A multi tower multi storied apartment system can check in as many as 200+ delivery executives per day. This is a modest projection. Understand this. This is 200+ people you have no idea about who has access to your house. Under such circumstances, having a meticulous apartment security system only becomes a necessary. 

There are two ways to track the entry and exit of delivery executives or for that matter any visitor to the gated community. New security apps in the market make visitors’ check in and check out quick, thereby avoiding queing at the gate. Such visitor management system record pictures of the visitor and trigger an app notification to either allow or deny the visitor. In case of discrepancy in your expected visitor, the resident can easily deny the entry. On denial of entry, the security team can take any action that is deemed legal and appropriate to deal with unwelcome elements in the community. To reduce hassle of your visitors, you can even pre-authorise or pre-verify them from the front end of your security app. The guards at the entrance points are immediately notified. 

With Visitor Check In through ADDA, know who is at your door

With security cameras and an exhaustive database of entries and exits, you can have a strong security in place for the safety of your community. 

Staff Tracker

Do you remember the days of going all over the place inquiring about the status of your household help or cook? We hardly know our neighbours these days. We hardly speak to each other. More often than not, we may not be employing the same staff. Apartment Visitor Management System can track the entry and exit of staff inside the premises. So no more asking Sarita Bhabhi next door if the cook had come to her house. Just download the resident app of your security system and check if your staff has entered or exited the premises. This can also help you find a household staff if you are looking for one. Going a step further, these security systems can also fetch the list of all domestic staff already working in the community. This way it helps to create a trusted group of individuals serving the community, thereby increasing security of the community.

Apartment Staff Tracker

Similarly, community staff too can be tracked in such an apartment security system to ensure their presence is regular to do their jobs within the common areas of the community. 

Parcel Management

Let’s face it. We thrive on Amazon, Myntra and FlipKart. More often than not we are receiving parcels. Several parcels per month. Sometimes, it might be a little embarrassing to receive these parcels at the office, yet there might not be anyone at home to receive it either. So what do you do? Give up online shopping? Of course not!

That’s where again the apartment security system comes into play. You can just ask the delivery personnel to leave it at the guard’s office near the gate. You shall receive an OTP, without which the parcel won’t be delivered to you at the gate. 

A Proper Apartment Security System handle Emergency Situations Too…

Emergency situations do not announce their coming. So how does an apartment security system help in dealing with emergency situations?

Apartment Security System - Emergency Management

The systems can be configured to include emergency contacts of residents. These data shall not be stored by the service provider and will only be accessible to whoever adds them. Press of a single button can alert up to four emergency contacts to your crisis and increase the timely receipt of help. 

The apartment security system devices can also be used as an incident recorder in the unfortunate event if a mishap takes place. With the options of taking pictures and recording an audio statement of the event unfolding, help a lot to investigate the event later on. This helps to mitigate and fine tune security breaches that might be in the system. 

When choosing an apartment visitor management system for your gated community, certain questions must be kept in mind :

  1. Is it easily usable by security guards?
  2. Does it have a simple UI to help every single resident navigate the app?
  3. Does the service provider guarantee data privacy?
  4. Can it integrate with security hardware?
  5. Does the service provider provide product knowledge sessions for all stakeholders?

One aspect to keep in mind when choosing a security system is the priority of the system must be security first, convenience later. 

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