ADDA App now has a New UI


We are in the times when the only NEW that will make us ecstatic is a new vaccine or cure to this Super villain of a Virus. However, until that happens, there are few other NEW that can bring some cheer, and some help towards keeping the fight on! The NEW ADDA APP UI is one of them.

That’s right! ADDA – The Apartment SuperApp has unveiled a complete revamp to its UI!

Why the change?

To ensure all your needs around the Apartment is met by it, ADDA has always been a feature rich app.

Private social network, online payment gateway, helpdesk, service marketplace, classifieds, visitor management, facility booking, ERP integration, IoT integrations – ADDA superapp strives to bring all these to you.

It was a challenge to make the most commonly used features easily discoverable. Not just easy discoverability, we wanted to ensure our users can navigate every single feature of the app and complete their tasks in just two clicks.

Here is the Old UI (Alvida dear friend), and you know what we mean wrt issues with Discoverability.

ADDA UI of the Old

After months of working together the Design and Development finally pulled it through!


Here is introducing the sections of the new UI.

Emergency Help!

The Red Help button, is placed where it cannot go unnoticed. When pressed for three seconds, it alerts your family members, close neighbors and the Security Guard.

On Single tap it takes you to Emergency Numbers, which is very useful during these times of Lockdown.

Emergency Help on ADDA app

Gate Updates

All updates from your Gate right at the top – Deliveries, Visitors & Helpers.

Gate Updates on ADDA app

My Unit Updates

View your maintenance dues, Announcements from Admin, helpdesk ticket updates and all notifications relevant to YOUR apartment unit in one place.


Shortcut buttons are easily discoverable for all important functions such as

  • Facility Booking
  • Helpdesk
  • Communication
  • Add Visitor
  • Buy/Sell/Rent
  • Doorbot

Community Buzz

Stay up to date with your Community.

Stop juggling between multiple communication groups on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. View all important notices posted by community manager/admin right at the home screen in your ADDA App.

Share and exchange thoughts with your neighbours.

ADDA Community Buzz


Use ADDA Discover to avail services trusted by your Neighbours.

ADDA is the one-stop solution for all the needs in your apartment.

Are you a vendor? If you are looking for more information on ADDA Discover, visit the Discover website.

If you are an ADDA user, and liked the UI, please do let PlayStore/AppStore know via your rating! If you didn’t like it, please let Us know, we are always on the lookout to improve.

A Few Words Of Appreciation From Our Users

ADDA New UI User Testimonial
ADDA New UI User Testimonial

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