All Your Essentials At Your Doorstep : Only On ADDA Discover

Dear Users, we know adulting can be hard, and managing household chores can sometimes feel like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. But hey, we’ve got your back with a bunch of verified and trusted vendors that can make your life easier.

Welcome to the ADDA App’s Discover section – the genie in the app bottle that grants your daily essential service wishes!

By availing services on Discover, you not only help yourself, but also your local vendors. You contribute actively to the success of the local economic ecosystem.

How Does It Work?

Want to get your plumbing fixed, or need pest control? We’ve got you covered. With just a few taps, you can explore, compare, and book services that fit your schedule and budget

Log in to the ADDA App -> Discover Icon.

Check the services listed and click on a service of your choice -> Click on the specific service you want from the offered menu -> Send Enquiry -> Choose the date when you want to avail the service.

Discover Screenshot

What Happens After You Send an Enquiry?

1.Vendor receives SMS and Email notifications with customer details.
2.Vendor contacts customers to understand their needs and charge accordingly.

Essential Services Offered :

Discover Services

This is an ever growing list that shall be updated in real time as and when we add in more services for your convenience :

Grocery & Medicine Delivery by Medlife, Evrcare, Karnataka State Government : Have access to 16000+ local vendors to meet your needs for essentials and also contributing to help the local economy.

Online Summer Camp : A camp to help upskill your kid with coding, games like chess, etc.

Doctor Teleconsultation by Portea & ZevA : Feeling ill? Just call a doctor.

Online Physiotherapy by Portea : Their certified physiotherapists are here to ensure you do not miss your physiotherapy for this lockdown.

Community Sanitisation and Disinfection Services by Vijay Home Services & Vishwas Pestcontrol : It is of utmost necessity, now more than ever, to keep the community bacteria and virus free.

Corona Screening Kit by Portea : Showing symptoms? Avail the service and get your screening kit to decide on the next steps about your health. 

Access to 5000+ Newspapers and Magazines by MagZter : With rumours around, it’s better to have access to all top publications to help you filter the important news.

Pet Food by Tailslife : Available for dogs as of now.

This is not all. We understand a lot of Association work cannot be kept on hold no matter how complicated the coronavirus situation gets. So we have some assistance for you too, like Accounting Services, Home Inspection, Builder Handovers, etc. Get the app and check them out right now. We are here to help you.

So, instead of stressing over those pesky household chores, let us handle them for you. Just rub the app bottle, and your wish is our command! 

Yours lovingly,


All Your Essentials At Your Doorstep : Only On ADDA Discover
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All Your Essentials At Your Doorstep : Only On ADDA Discover
ADDA Discover is a unique platform built to connect users to vendors for a customised service experience. This feature was conceptualised to ensure users have just one app to meet all their home needs. Keeping in line with it's purpose, this feature of ADDA was quick to onboard services that have become an absolute necessity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. This blog is a list of services introduced to ease the inconvenience of the user in these tough times.
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