Staff Temperature Check Record : GateKeeper Feature Release


The coronavirus symptoms are by now well known : cold, fever, sore throat, cough. From the very onset of the pandemic, temperature check has been one of the first weapons to fight this battle. To this effect, ADDA has released a new feature on the GateKeeper App used by security guards.

How Does The Temperature Check Record Feature Work?

It’s simple. The guard must do temperature check of the staff coming in and record in the relevant field that is now seen in the latest App update. 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is normal human body temperature. A temperature higher than that denotes fever.

Temperature Record Feature Release - GateKeeper App
The field to record Temperature

The new GateKeeper feature helps you to implement these rules and make sure they are followed.

The ADDA admin gets a report at the backend with all temperature check records.

How Is It Helpful?

With this feature, you can now stop individuals with possible COVID-19 infection right at the Main Gate. This field is not mandatory to fill up. However, admin can choose to make it mandatory. They can check in the reports if a temperature check has been missed.

Coupled with the existing feature of keeping a record of the address of the staff, ADDA is happy to equip community leaders in their battle against the coronavirus.

Staff with fever can be requested to stay at home and observe symptoms. Staff who stay in Red Zones or containment zones can be requested to refrain from reporting to their duties.

Why Do You Need It?

The Lockdown restrictions are relaxed to allow domestic staff and other community staff to resume duties. To ensure the virus does not land up in your community, certain rules and regulations must be followed.

Temperature Check
Contactless Temperature Check

If your community has already sourced thermal thermometers, then you are on the right track. If not, now is the time to invest on infrared contactless thermometers and do regular temperature check of all incoming individuals

Here is a simple poster to help you set up the rules.

Feature Release

Do let us know if you find this feature helpful.

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