3 Things To Keep In Mind To Reopen Gym

by adda

At last the much expected circular to reopen gym has been released. However, this does not imply the threat of COVID-19 is over. Hence, operational motto must be prevention is better than cure.


What To Keep In Mind To Reopen Gym?

Sanitisation : Each and every surface that comes into contact must be sanitised with the intensity of Lady Macbeth washing her hands. Residents must be informed of the following few things :

1. Avoid gym if showing flu like symptoms.

2. Residents in home quarantine or the ones having recently come from outside the city/town must not visit gym without completing mandatory quarantine period.

3. Sanitise and wash hands before and after using gym equipment.

4. Always keep a fabric handy to sneeze in. Better still #DabToSneeze.

Use this poster to remind of sneezing habits with humour.

The Management Committee must follow regular sanitisation routine. Housekeepers to be equipped with masks and gloves. Ideally the gym equipment must be sanitised once after every use.

Social Distancing : An absolutely no compromise instruction. Considering the situation, the gym cannot be allowed to function at full capacity. The maximum allowance should not exceed 50% of capacity. Maintain a minimum distance of six feet with other users. A process to book slots for using the gym can be implemented for visibility and convenience of residents. This can easily be done from your ADDA App.

Supervision : Just putting in clear rules for the New Normal, is not enough. Supervision is necessary to ensure rules are followed. A new hardware innovation, the DoorBot, helps Management Committees solve this issue. With a DoorBot installed on gym doors, the following is taken care of :

  1. Contactless entry. No need for biometric or RFID check ins. A simple swipe in the App opens the door.
  2. Setting up occupancy count. If the gym has reached preset occupancy rate, the door will not open.
  3. Bonus advantage : Management Committee can restrict access to gyms and other facilities for defaulters.

Click here to see how the DoorBot works. Looks impressive? Reach out to us at doorbot@3five8.com or WhatsApp at +91 7022009038. You can also contact us here.

Stay Fit while Staying Safe.

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