Online Ballot For Association Election

by adda

Would you be one of those communities who are thinking hard of how to conduct their committee or apartment association election this year? If yes, read on.

ADDA has amazing news for all stakeholders of society, club or any association management, looking to conduct their election. Go Digital with Online Ballot on the ADDA Essential App!

What Is Online Ballot?

It is a simple feature on your ADDA. This helps you conduct committee or apartment association election without physical proximity.

How Does It Work For Committee or Apartment Association Election?

  1. Upload the Names of Candidates.
  2. Activate Election Date and Time.
  3. Notify all Members about Election Process with Online Notice.
  4. On day of election, only your Community will see The Election Banner.
  5. Click and Vote and Submit.

That’s it. Done! Five steps and you are done with one of the most important fiduciary duties.

Apartment Association Election with Secret Ballot
All Type of Elections Can Be Done Using This Feature

What Are The Advantages?

Oh you will love this list!

  1. Resource optimisation – Based on the size of your Community, 2-3 individuals are enough to organise the entire digital election process.
  2. Cost optimisation – No need to print nomination forms, ballot papers or set up polling booths.
  3. You get your results in minutes.
  4. High participation. This allows everyone to take part in their association election from anywhere.
  5. Free, fair, transparent Elections in the true spirit of #YourVoteIsPrivate

Who Can Use This Feature For Committee or Apartment Association Election?

Any Society Management Association that needs to conduct an election, like societies going through a builder handover and hosting their first ever Association Election, College Alumni, Cultural Committees, the list goes on. If you have an elected Governing Body, you qualify to use this feature.

This is the time for elections and we know it can get hard in this scenario. That is why we have made Online Ballot a Licensed Add On to The ADDA Essential App. The Essential App is absolutely Free for Lifetime!

Click here to Know All About Online Ballot License.

The feature has been built in compliance to the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the regulatory data privacy and protection law as stated in The Information Technology Act, 2000 and GDPR.

This feature is available Free of Cost to all ADDA ERP & ADDA One Subscribers.

In case you need help with setting up ADDA for your Community, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you!

The Essential App also comes with other interesting features like Communication, Online Notices, Discover, Emergency Management and In-house Delivery Hub!

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