5 Ways You Can Celebrate Independence Day With Social Distancing

by ADDA.io

Yes we know all about Social Distancing and all about government orders banning gathering. But, we guarantee you Independence Day Celebrations this year still need not be dampened. Granted, it will be different. However, different too can be fun and memorable. Here’s how :

Have A Pair Cook-Out

Trust us, the ADDA Team came up with this. So here’s how it goes. Choose a neighbour. To make this fun, choose a neighbour of a different ethnic background than yours. Cook your traditional dishes for their family and vice versa. You can coordinate with them digitally. In case you don’t have their phone numbers, the ADDA App has a chat feature to help you with this. Leave the food in metal or Tupperware containers outside their house. Go crazy and flaunt it on Social Media with #UnityInDistancing. Don’t forget to tag your neighbour pair.

Host An Online Theme Party

Don’t freak out. This is actually easy. Divide the entire Community in groups. It can be Tower level groups or Groups based on which floor you stay. Remember to keep the groups within manageable numbers. Let the Cultural Committee choose a theme. We will give you a real life example : Ask the groups to make props out of Atta (wheat flour) and weave a story around it. Shoot video clips. Make your very own film centering around the main theme. You can use a simple video editor App like Kinemaster to stitch the clips together. Showcase your films in the Online Party for absolutely hilarious Independence Day Celebrations.

Run A Sustainability Contest For Independence Day Celebrations

Everyone might not be comfortable with a group activity. To make sure they don’t feel left out, plan for contests where the entire family can be involved. A sustainability contest for example. So how do you go about this? Ask residents to find out things in their house they do not use anymore. It could be an old tray, broken earrings, faded or torn clothes. Ask them to upcycle them with no bounds on creativity. Encourage them to post Before – After pictures in your official Community Communication platform. Or you can even have a Virtual Exhibition of the beauties made in your Online Party.

Play Tableau

Another exciting family activity for your Community. Encourage families to create a tableau and showcase it. You can play this safe too. Families can create tableaus in their living room, keep the door open, and the panel of judges can just walk by the corridors inspecting the tableaus from the ideal distance of 6 feet. Contactless, and yet with the right dose of creativity, fun, human bonding.

Make A Memory Journal Of Your Independence Day Celebrations

We will hope that none of us ever have to celebrate an Independence Day like this in the rest of our lifetime. But we all know that famous saying, don’t we? When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. Collect the photos of your contests, the screenshots of your online party, ask your residents to contribute short stories, poems, essays, photographs, recipes, anything they hold close to their hearts. Collate them and have it published as your very own Memory Journal – a reminder that even when the times were tough, we emerged out of it stronger, better and smiling.

We will be eager to hear from you about your Independence Day Celebrations. Do write to us with your unique stories of celebrations. And we will be happy to feature it in our Blogs and Social Media Handles. Jai Hind!

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