Data Migration From Society Management Apps

by adda

Portability is not exclusive of phone numbers alone. Did you know you can now opt for society accounting data migration from NoBrokerHood/ Common Floor/Society Connect/My Gate or any other society management apps to ADDA? The best news is we help you with the process all along the way.

What Is Data Migration?

The process of shifting your owner/tenant and society accounting data from one society management software to the other, is called data migration. The apartment management industry is showing a growing trend. Users across all geographical locations have every right to test each of the players before settling down on the system that suits their requirements the most. Keeping this in mind, ADDA offers services of data migration from Common Floor/Society Connect/My Gate or any other society management apps as part of its onboarding process.

Why Discerning Communities Choose ADDA?

How Does This Work?

This is a very simple 4 step process completed within 15 business days from subscription date:

Step 1: Master Data – Units and User Data Migration; Set Up of Controls
The user gives us the data in an Excel sheet or a pre drafted ADDA template. This data typically includes your present list of owners/tenants – their names, flat numbers, emails, phone numbers; your community accounting reports; status of maintenance payment against each member; audit reports of each year. The account statement of each unit must be available in downloadable format. Please note, ADDA does not migrate Unit Invoice data from multiple systems or non-audited account information; please make sure all society accounting financial statements have been correctly audited and updated.

Step 2: Accounting Data Migration & Set Up
We receive the log in credentials from you of your former system or you download the data in required format and provide us the data to initiate your Society Accounting migration. Your book of balance is uploaded as is and no changes are made by the ADDA team. The Society Accounting module is activated for the financial year coinciding with your subscription date. In spirit of Data Privacy, we only extract your Income Report of the previous years as permitted by you.

Step 3: Audited Balances Migration
This is the most vital step of your data migration. As a society, it is important to keep your recent audit reports handy. We download the One Click Audit Report/Money Reports and integrate the same with ADDA to be made available on the ADDA software henceforth. All invoice and receipt entries of resident members of previous years are also extracted and integrated with ADDA.

Step 4: Verification & Sign Off
To ensure no data has been lost in the process, our dedicated team cross verifies all the data extracted and migrated to help you with a smooth start. The verification process goes through a round of Association/MC/RWA approval to ensure there has been absolutely no mistakes. The migration is declared complete once the user provides a signed approval.

Here is a short explainer video, to help you know what ADDA is about. Do explore our Website to understand our Products in detail and also check out the various knowledge sessions we regularly conduct for MCs.

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