Contact-Less Visitor Entry – With Zero Hardware Cost

Contact-less Visitor entry

COVID-19 has been the cause of several innovations in the field of Technology. ADDA has been on an Innovation & Enhancement roll since the beginning of the year. ADDA ERP & GateKeeper have always kept their users one step ahead in the field of Community Management. To that effect, we are here with our brand new GateKeeper Feature – the Contact-Less Visitor Entry. This feature is available for use with Zero Hardware Cost.

What Is It?

A super simple feature that allows your Security Guards to complete Visitor Check In with minimal contact. The process is simple :

  1. Visitors scan the unique Community QR Code at the gate with their personal phones. They are directed to a Check-In form in their own phones.
  2. On filling up the details, they receive a Visitor Code to give the Guard.
  3. The guard receives the Visitor Code to initiate Verification with Residents. Once verified, the visitor is welcome to enter.

What Are The Benefits?

Benefit 1 : Protect Your Guards
Guards were declared frontline workers in May 2020. On an average, they come in contact with 50-200 visitors/day. This feature helps concerned communities cut down their visitor-guard contact by 80%.

Benefit 2 : Welcome Visitors Safely
You are safeguarding not only the health interest of your guards but also your visitors. The 6 feet distance becomes easier to maintain when visitors have the privilege to do the check-in from their own phones.

Benefit 3 : Reduce Queue at Gate
The Self Service style of the feature reduces queueing at gate and cuts down on wait time by 85%. Multiple visitors can fill in Check-In details simultaneously. This is especially beneficial for delivery personnels.

Benefit 4 : Accurate Data Capture
Masks, accents, language barriers – there are several other reasons that may cause guards to cause an error while taking down visitor details. The contact-less visitor entry feature removes the scope of this human error. The feature’s automated digital verification module also helps to ensure all details are entered correctly.

Benefit 5 : Promote Data Privacy
Visitors no longer have to speak out their personal details in the presence of strangers. Contact-less visitor entry ensures data confidentiality with automated digital verification.

Benefit 6 : Resource Optimisation
Multiple simultaneous check-ins and leveraging the usage of the visitors’ own phones, the requirement for both manpower/security hardware is reduced.

How Long Does It Take To Start Contact-less Visitor Entry at My Gate?

Like a lot of good things in life, activation period is 30 minutes.

The Community Admin will of course have access to check-in data at the backend. All the MC has to do is to enable the feature and generate their unique QR code. And like all ADDA features, it just takes a click or two.

We are committed to ensure we create solutions to your problems to always keep you a step ahead. The Contact-less Visitor Entry feature is a step towards that commitment. As an ADDA user, you leverage the advantage of One App, One Database.

To know more, talk to us.

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