Community Helpdesk – Raise Maintenance Service Requests on the Go!

by adda

Imagine this. You’ve got guests coming over for lunch on a Sunday. You have been putting up with that leaky tap in your washbasin the entire week as you did not find time to take care of it. And now, you are forced to spend your Sunday morning trying to catch hold of your Community’s plumber and coordinating with him, when you should be cooking and getting your home ready for your guests instead.  

What if I tell you that there’s a quicker and more effective alternative to raise and resolve maintenance service requests, complaints & queries to the Community Management? That’s right! ADDA society maintenance app has a Helpdesk module to help you report complaints and raise service requests for your home and community.

Track progress of service

The following are the benefits of using ADDA Helpdesk:

  • Raise & Track Service Requests on the Go – Anytime, Anywhere
  • Attach photos to the complaint ticket – Help your service management team better understand the issue.
  • You can add comments and updates to the ticket while the service is in progress.
  • You will never have to repeat yourself- The facility manager and all the staff assigned will have a copy of your complaint on their mobile.
  • Your complaint won’t fall through the crack – There are chances of your complaint getting missed in a pile of service requests. Helpdesk tickets raised through our society maintenance app will automatically be escalated to the next level of authority if not resolved within the specified time.
  • View tickets raised by your Neighbors- You want to raise a helpdesk complaint on your society maintenance app. Chances are, someone from your community could have already reported it. You can view and track the progress of complaints reported by your neighbors and add your comments to the same.
  • You can mark your ticket as Urgent and your request will be taken up on priority.
  • Rate the performance of the service team after your request gets resolved.
Steps to Lodge a complaint in ADDA Helpdesk

Reach out to us at or 022-48905764 to get all your society maintenance queries solved by experts.

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