Tap to Vote: ADDA Polls

by adda

In order to maintain social distancing, communities have moved committee elections, general body meetings, and other communications to online platforms. In fact, the participation of community members in online polls increased by 140% in 2020.

Create a poll

The Polls feature in the ADDA app helps communities take important management decisions effortlessly in a democratic fashion. Here’s how:

Right Audience

Do you want responses from only the owners in your community or is your question targeted towards the ladies of your community? You can pick your audience by customizing the visibility of your poll in ADDA.

Maximize Participation

Online polls allow residents to vote anytime from anywhere. This greatly helps to increase participation in taking community-related decisions. Timely automated notifications also ensure that residents are aware of the Polls which are running. As Ex-US President Barack Obama rightly said, ‘There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.’

Customize Duration

There are no limits on the length of your poll. Keep it live for as long or as little time as you want.

Anonymous Voting

People tend to respond with more honest answers while voting anonymously.

Enable Multiple Votes

It’s hard to pick just one. We understand! Residents can select multiple options and vote.

Eliminate Manual Errors

ADDA polls help eliminate errors in the manual count and bring with it the accurate and immediate publication of results. The results are accessible at any time.

No more waiting. Get voting!
Happy Community Living!

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