Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

by adda

Don’t let an unknown visitor reach your door. With the help of the Gatekeeper Module, you can approve or deny visitors to your house at the community gate with just a tap in your app.

  • Manage Visitors coming to your Home, from anywhere, conveniently: Approve or deny entry to Cabs, delivery personnel, etc. with just a tap. Get notifications on visitors and much more.
  • Invite Visitors: Make your guests feel welcome. Ensure they can enter your Community, without having to stand in a queue at the gate. 
  • End to end parcel management:  Not at home when your parcel arrived at your community? Worry not. Just with a tap, instruct your Security guard/Front desk to collect it for you. Collect your parcel securely later from the gate at your convenience.

To unlock this feature, reach out to your Community Management or contact us here.

visitor approval

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