Apartment Rules & Regulations for First Time Gated Community Residents

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apartment rules and regulations

Okay, so you’re probably all set and pumped up to move into your dream home with cartons of packed boxes lying all around you. Or maybe, you’re considering buying a flat in a luxurious gated community with premium features and amenities. Feeling the nervous excitement of moving into the new house? Use this blog post as a 5 -point guide to make yourself feel at ease in a new residential environment and familiarise yourself with the apartment rules and regulations.

apartment rules and regulations

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Generally, gated communities have elaborate security measures in place. However, it’s better to be safe now than sorry later. Here are a few guidelines to help you understand the general expectations :

  • Be accountable for your visitors and co-operate with Community rules for visitor Check-In/Out.
  • Seek clarification on visitor parking in your Community.
  • You have the right to know how secure is your visitor data.

A visitor management system like ADDA Gatekeeper helps Communities keep track of visitors without breaching data privacy rights. Gated Communities are increasingly becoming the most preferred housing solution for their round the clock effective security measures. However, some general security checks to look for are :

  • Check whether the neighbourhood is frequently in the news for crimes.
  • Find out the distance between the local police station, fire station, hospital and your place of residence.
  • Change your locks if you are moving into previously owned property.

It is also advisable to set up a digital alarm system in today’s digital world, just for an added layer of security.

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When you purchase a home in a gated community, as resident, you will be accountable for maintaining the property as a whole as part of your apartment rules and regulations. This is implemented by paying a fixed Maintenance Charge.

  • Understand how your maintenance is calculated. Click here for details.
  • Check your Maintenance Tax Invoice to see if GST is levied correctly.
  • Make it a practice to pay maintenance dues on time to avoid late payment penalty fees. However, if you do miss a deadline, you cannot be charged more than a 21% simple interest.
  • Also clarify with your association on which services and amenities are covered by the maintenance charge.
  • Before inviting your guests to use the Community Facilities, check for provisions of visitor charges.

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To be considered a resident member of your Gated Community’s Owner Association, documents are mandatory.

  • Clear property deed mentioning complete handover of the unit – it should include the exact address of the unit, the name of the owner as on government issued identity cards, names and details of all the stakeholders selling the property, all infrastructural details of the unit among other information as deemed fit.

    In case you are a tenant, the rental agreement is referred to in place of a property deed. 
  • Renter’s insurance and Tenant Verification – The renters’ insurance is a vital document that serves as a home warranty and offers budget protection and coverage to the tenant in case of any crimes or hazard. Tenant verification is a legal requirement that can lead to penalty in the form of arrest or fine if it’s not carried out properly. Read more about it in this blog post. 
  • Documents proving ownership of vehicles and pets.
  • Documents showing transfer of electricity metres, water metres or any other utilities as applicable.
apartment rules and regulations


  1. While every gated community employs housekeeping staff to clean the premises, it is also your duty as a resident, to avoid littering and keep your surroundings clean.
  2. Traffic safety rules are as important to be followed outside on the road, as they are inside the community area. Usually recommended speed limit in premise is 20 km/h or lower. Avoid unnecessary honking especially around senior citizens and children and stick to your assigned parking slots.
  3. Keep the noise levels to a minimum to prevent disturbing your fellow residents and neighbours.
  4. If you have pets, follow all pet management guidelines as set by the housing society management.


Yes, it’s quite reassuring to be aware about the level of security and safety you will be getting in a gated community. But these communities may or may not have certain restrictions as part of apartment rules and regulations with regards to car parking or visitors. Be respectful towards such restrictions and initiate a dialogue with the MC if you feel uncomfortable.

And there you have it! 5 things to be mindful of as a first-time resident of a gated community. Maybe you were aware of some of these practices before. Or maybe, you just need to be reminded of them from time to time. Either way, we’ve put them all here, so you don’t have to go elsewhere when you’re feeling overwhelmed as a first timer.

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