Senior Living Community – Ananya Nana Nani Homes

by adda

ADDA Team is glad to inform that Ananya Nana Nani Homes, a signature project of Ananya Shelters and a prime senior living community in Coimbatore, is now using ADDA for their managing their community. 

senior living community

About Ananya Shelters

Coimbatore is one of the most preferred retirement destination in South India and it makes sense that this community has mushroomed in the city. ADDA ONE has become a perfect fit for this 1400 plus units villa community! An adorable residence for the retired, Ananya Shelters has all the modern facilities like ATM, Pharmacy, Clinics, Dining and Ayurvedic Spas inside the campus, providing a unique experience for the senior residents. 

Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes houses over 4000 senior citizens spread across 70 acres of residential area, split across the city in 6 phases. The community is spread into Apartments and Villas with greenery surrounding them on all sides. 

Over 200+ assisting staff and a strong technologically managed assisting team ensures the smooth flow of people, in and out of the community. 

Consistent efforts and unflinching support to provide the residents with an ambience of happiness and joyful living, make it an ideal home for senior citizens! 

Want a sneak peak into a day in the life of the residents living here? Watch this video!

ADDA’s Role

With ADDA in picture, Ananya Shelters Team has can now replace the old registers which the team was using for maintaining their financials, keeping visitor records and dining bills. ADDA has automated all of their manual work right from Accounting, Visitor Management and Facility Booking. The Ananya team can now focus on more important operations and spend less time on manual work.

Here’s a testimonial of Mr. Venkatarajan, a retired resident staying in VBHC Vedaanta Vaibhava, a senior living community in Bangalore. 

ADDA – Eternal Favourite Among Senior Living Communities

In today’s world run by technology, it isn’t a surprise that people of all ages and generations are slowly learning to adapt and use such technology. Gone are the days when the older generations were clueless and dependent on the younger generations for smartphone/digital usage. Grandparents today are catching up with extremely well with the tech-savvy world and how! 

At an older age, people mostly look for ease of processes and strong systems in place that can help them navigate through daily functions smoothly. This is especially the case in senior living communities that requires residents to pay maintenance bills, raise any maintenance requests with the Association, communicate with fellow residents, visitor and parcel management etc. 

Here’s where ADDA comes in. With a highly user-friendly UI/UX, a helpful customer service team and complete automation of the above mentioned tasks, retired life in a residential community like Nana Nani Homes is even more peaceful. 

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