Society Management Apps too spammy? 3 Reasons to say NO!

by adda
society management apps

Every person who owns a smartphone today, has a number of applications installed for different purposes. Gone are the days when phones were just a medium of communication. Today, your phone apps are tied up with every crucial aspect of your life – health, finances, leisure, shopping and society management too!

As a user of these varied applications, you have certain expectations from each one of them. You expect them to make your life easier in today’s world of information overload. But what if these apps start spamming you with ads and notifications constantly? Wouldn’t that be unfair to you as a user? This is exactly the trend recently, with free society management apps. As a respectful gated community resident, you don’t deserve this. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should stand up against spammy society management apps right away! 

1. No Choice with Society Management Apps

Most apps that you keep on your phone today, respects you as an user. How?

They don’t spam. They only send you notifications that are useful to you, and they don’t send you incessant notifications that would make you irritated. 

Think about it: What do you do when your food ordering apps spam or send you continuous notifications? You simply uninstall them and start using an alternative food ordering App.

As an individual customer, you have the choice about which App you will install or uninstall on your phone. But if you are resident in a society using a free society management app, you probably don’t have that choice. This is because the app has been mandated and implemented by your society’s Management/ Board/ Association.

Hence, when this mandated society app starts spamming you, its natural to feel incredibly irritated as well as helpless. Read till the end to know how you can tackle this! 

2. Dependency 

A mandated society app, no matter how spammy is there to stay, unless your Society management switches to another app. Since everyone in your community uses this app, you also learn to depend on it as your “OFFICIAL” app. Be it for important announcements from the Building Management, regarding your property or Covid Restrictions and so on. 

As a consumer, you shouldn’t have to suffer through such chaos in the first place. As a Gated Community resident who has purchased a high-end apartment for peaceful life in a gated community, you should be able to voice out your concern when subjected to such helplessness. There’s a solution for this too! Keep reading to take the right step.

3. Data Privacy Concerns

Lets be honest and face it: Almost every app on your phone asks for access to your contact list, location, voice etc. As if that isn’t scary enough, advertising and marketing gimmicks on the internet compel you to fill entire surveys as part of the ‘unskippable ads’. Reports of data thefts, phishing, breach of data privacy aren’t new in today’s digital world. 

As a user, you are in constant anxiety about the number of advertisers and spammers who have access to your personal details. How do you think free society management apps manage to send such personalized notifications, incessantly?

Alas! the unfortunate consequence of such spam is that the most important notifications and messages get lost. The purpose for which YOU and your Community decided to embrace the Society Management App is lost. 

Where does this land you? Frustrated, helpless and knocking the doors of anyone who can pay heed to your frustration. 

What can you do?

But there is a cloud with a silver lining after all. ADDA, a globally loved and trusted,  No-Nonsense Community Management App is what you should be looking out for. 

With 12 years of trust and track records serving 500,000 homes worldwide, ADDA simply does not partake in such nonsense. 

In case you are facing a bombardment of ads and notifications from your current society management app, talk to us. You may also contact us at or call us at 022 4890 5764. 

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