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Facility Management

The value of every property or Gated Community depends on various factors. As Real Estate evolves, so do these factors. Gated Communities that offer state-of-the-art, high maintenance facilities like Swimming Pools, Clubhouses, Spas, Gymnasiums etc. tend to have higher real estate value as well. For the continuation of the superior state of such facilities, Facility Management and it’s four pillars: People, Processes, Building and Technology play an important role.

What does Facility Management Entail?

Facility Management combines the tools and services that support the safety and administration to elongate the sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.

There are 2 broad areas of Facility Management: 

  1. Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) – Deals with the physical aspects of a property like plumbing, wiring, elevators and heating and cooling. 
  1. Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM) – Lays focus on tasks performed by people such as catering, security etc.

Importance and Purpose 

For a community to run successfully, it’s staff and residents need to be in buildings that ensure that its support and maintenance requirements are met with. The larger and more sophisticated your facilities become, the more aspects there are to manage. 

Facility Management contributes to the upkeep of everything that surrounds the people in facilities and on the grounds. The spaces which allow a building’s occupants to work, play, learn and live should be comfortable, productive and sustainable. 

The bottom line is, effective facility management will impact long-term and short-term value of properties, buildings, and equipment which will contribute to higher quality of life.

4 Benefits of Facility Management Technology 

Facility Management software enables organisations to manage the repair, maintenance and usage of the facilities from an App or Web-based dashboard. With the help of Facility management softwares, residential communities can save time, money and resources by managing their buildings, assets and occupants more efficiently and effectively. Let us look more into detail about these softwares and why you should get one for your community! 

Facility Management

1. Cost Effectiveness

Did you know? Effective space management can result in cost savings upto 30%? Facility management when combined with the relevant manpower and technology have the ability to cut down unnecessary costs. A facility management software, like the one provided by ADDA is the most cost-effective way with which the functions of the Facility can be managed. It is a one-time investment that is guaranteed to generate valuable results for a long time.

2. Mobility and Collaboration

Facility Management softwares that are cloud-based, help manage different activities from remote locations, be it at their desk, at the office or on their phone. ERP Softwares like ADDA,  then allow the Admins to access all of this information from a singular dashboard. By analyzing this Data, the decision makers can come to a consensus and take business critical decisions that could further improve the quality and performance of the facilities in their communities.

3. Technology Integration

Today, it is more important than ever for Facility/Property Managers to understand and use technology. Identifying and implementing the right technology has also become one of the prime responsibility of managers. Based on how Facility Managers and their staff leverage the technology for best-use, it can shape the future of the properties they are in. With the ability to connect to third-party or In-house accounting systems and integration with various IoT devices for smart analytics and operation, facility management softwares successfully provide powerful insights into maintenance costs and resource allocation. 

4. Efficiency

Equipment and processes that are inefficient can negatively affect the productivity of your Staff. The use of a facility management software can lead to an increase in the overall efficiency of the facility. By saving time, reducing costs, and adding more value through proper maintenance, facility management softwares can ensure that the managers/staff can devote more time to other welfare activities of the residential community.

To read more about the features of a typical Facility Management Software and its types, read this!

Role of Property/Facility Managers

Facility Managers can have many different titles and fall into this profession through a variety of career paths. When it comes to Gated Communities, they are also often known as Property managers who are responsible for maintaining the entire grounds. 

Facility Managers usually are usually responsible for enhancing a Real Estate’s value through the following: 

  • Supporting productivity of personnel and facilities 
  • Managing risks to the facilities and staff
  • Promoting sustainable strategies for long-term cost management 
  • Guaranteeing compliance
  • Leveraging technological solutions
  • Overcoming effects of natural disasters, incidents etc. 

Implementing a software for your Facility Management is one if the fastest ways to reduce spending, manpower and resources for your community. A seamless Facility booking System provided by ADDA gets everything on a digitized, automated system. This means that the decision-makers and managers have more time to brainstorm on some forward-thinking preventive measures. It makes life highly convenient for the residents, allowing them to enjoy more time in these high-value facilities and ultimately resulting in greater resident satisfaction!

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