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If you are a Community Manager (with a Developer, OA, HOA, Society, Association, RWA, etc), you are to be found mostly away from your desk than at it.

So, a Mobile App is a must-have for your Community Management software.

You need to know the priorities for the day right from your phone – Requests from Residents, Purchases, New Move-Ins, Management Meetings, Staff management, and so on!

While we always had the ADDA Admin App, we were unhappy with its technology as it didn’t allow us to make changes FAAAST.

So we retired the existing app and released a BRAND NEW ADDA Admin App for you.

What’s in the New Admin App?

The New ADDA Admin App has been re-built from the ground up with a brand new technology, and a new UX.

Its newest and biggest value to you is this Dashboard Landing page that gives you a bird’s-eye view of every community you manage.

Admin App

Go ahead, take it for a ride! 

And what’s best – it is tech-ready for its rich roadmap ahead. Be sure to check out many enhancements coming to it pretty soon.

How is the New Admin App Helpful?

Since its inception, ADDA has been in love with Community Managers, and wants to be Loved back by being super Helpful!

Here are some of the feature modules that we have added to the new Admin App –


It can be quite challenging to stay updated on the official insights, latest developments, and activities around the community. Be it incident logs, maintenance records, visitor entries, resident queries, etc. But now, the new Admin App can help get a detailed summary of important insights and the latest status on tasks to take immediate action around the community. 



Something that a good Community Manager does often – keeping all residents up-to-date by broadcasting information about routine maintenance, celebrations/events, new hobby classes, downtimes, and so on. Now announcements can be done right from your mobile phone. Send an Announcement on the go and have it show up right on the ADDA App, as app notification, or as an email broadcast.

Admin Announcements

Manage Users

Managing the resident database can be challenging if move-in and move-outs are not accessible quickly. Now admins can easily maintain an accurate database of both owners as well as tenants, make instant edits of user details or even reach them out directly. Admins can also approve requests from owners/tenants to join their ADDA. 

Manage Users

Community Helpdesk

ADDA Community Helpdesk is quite a feat to resolve maintenance service requests. In effect, this new Admin App module allows admins to take quicker actions on service requests, owner queries & complaints to ensure resident delight at its fullest. Admins can also track end-to-end progress or seek updates from Owners/Tenants for quick closure. 

Community Helpdesk

Staff Manager

In normal as well as COVID times, staff management can be cumbersome. But this Staff Manager module on the Admin App empowers Community Managers to configure and maintain an up-to-date record of all the Community Staff & Domestic Help. Admins can also add staff details, photos, and other relevant information right from the mobile app. 

Staff Manager

Purchase Workflows

On the Inspection Round and find a few Garden Lights broken? Go ahead, raise a Purchase Request right from the ADDA Admin App!



This is something Community Managers love – start taking minutes of a meeting right on the App, right against the agenda. Once the meeting is done, simply publish the minutes and all attendees receive them. No more scribbling notes, transferring them to your laptop, making a PDF, and then finding the emails of the attendees. Your time is more precious for building that wonderful vibrant community.


So, it’s time you go ahead and download the New Admin App on the Play Store/App Store. Contact us for expert assistance and share your honest feedback & ratings for further improvements.

Available now on the Play Store/App Store to download.

For other queries & suggestions, reach out to us at 022-48905764 or mail us at today. 

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