Why Property Management with ADDA is The Go-to Choice for a Builder?

by ADDA.io
Why Should a Builder/Company Choose ADDA for Property Management rather than Building their Own?

It is no secret that property or society management can be very time-consuming. There are simply too many in-house parameters to consider such as architectural plan, tech support, communication, etc. Thus, it’s critical for developers/FM companies to understand the core project requirements before moving to the agreed plan. 

There are several core project needs for development viz.  architectural plan, unit designing, and modeling of amenities that builders put in the initial plan. However, unpredicted scenarios can arise during the property management process and tweak the core requirements. The good news here is the position of technology for builders to focus on their project plan and provide them with readymade solutions in half the time and cost. 

Thus, a blend of core property management and technology synthesizes in ADDA to tackle the in-house challenges faced by both developers & associations. In addition, it makes apartment management tech-savvy with continuous enhancements as per compliances and industry trends right from deployment. 

Differences between ADDA & In-House Software

A developer must take note of these differences that can help make the right choice between wasting valuable project time with in-house software and optimizing value for investment with a compliant society management system like ADDA. 

CategoryIn-House SoftwareADDA (SaaS)
Type of SpendCAPEX (long-term expenses)OPEX (day-to-day expenses)
Time to Hit MarketSlowQuick / Immediate
Hardware / Network Architecture EffortHighZero
Ongoing EnhancementsDependent on IT EffortPart of Subscription
Scaling of Solution with scaling UserbaseDependent on IT EffortPart of Subscription
Support for UsersDependent on IT EffortPart of Subscription

Thus, it’s clear that property management for builders is automated with ready-made solutions in ADDA which if done with in-house software, requires external support and results in much higher expenses and outdated tech. 

Iceberg illustration

Perks of ADDA to a Builder/Company

What customers register is the cost of building and the in-house processes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at the perks of the ADDA society management system to the builder/company –

Fast-Pacing Technology to Building In-House

Today, the Proptech industry is rapidly growing due to fast-pacing tech compliances and tools. Thus, if a builder wants to create an in-house solution, it’s evident that by the time the entire property is developed and RWA handover made, the tech runs outdated and leads to multiple society management challenges such as loss of time, and operation cost, supporting technology, etc.

But, ADDA equips all builders with a ready-to-use society management system plus maintains timely upgrades and enhancements for builders to cope with the in-building requirements right from deployment in the long run. 

Reduced Dependency on Limited & Expensive IT Resources

With the rising demand for IT resources and tech compliances from associations, it can be troublesome for both Developers and Facility Managers to expand their IT teams and spend on expensive resource allocation for the project plan. 

But, now with ADDA, it’s quite easy for a builder or even a development agency to focus on their core project requirements. Avail of ready-made solutions with the ADDA App. It’s time to stop burning cash by depending on external IT and expensive resources, instead, switch to a complete apartment management system

User Support & Training

Manual in-house solutions mean individual training is to be provided to all users upon deployment. This can lead to time shortages, erratic support, or even gaps in understanding the operational modules. But, ADDA offers 24*7 online as well as flexible in-apartment training programs to enhance the user experience with its reliable apartment management system. 

Thus, if you’re a builder or company looking for the best property management SaaS alongside branding, now is the time to switch to ADDA. Reach out to us at 022-48905764 or mail us at sales@adda.io to schedule a comprehensive expert demo today. 

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