The True Cost of Spam in a Society Management App

by adda
Illustration showing true cost of spam in society management apps

How much is your current society management app costing your Association by spam? As per an ADDA Customer Success survey, an average free app user receives 3 spam messages daily, irrelevant to the living community.

While most smartphone users utilize multiple apps for communication, finances, security, and other critical purposes  – society management is no exception. 

Does your society management system provide point solutions it’s made for? Or does it instead spam you with unwanted advertisements and third-party notifications? If the latter is the case, it’s always better to switch to a premium no-nonsense community management app that doesn’t affect data privacy and management costs.

What is Spam?

Spam is an unsolicited, commercial message that is irrelevant to you and distracts you from your current task/focus. Thus, it can lead to lost productivity and higher management inefficiencies.

Is spam only a source of lost productivity and finances in society management apps? 

Let’s hear it from a Mumbai user –

My free society management system knew everything about me: my visitors, food orders, vehicles, the no. of people in my house, and even my helpers. I received useless notifications and ads, thinking if my entire data got stolen & monetized. More so, I felt my privacy would end instantly.

How Much Time does Spam Make You Lose?

According to a study by the University of California, Irvine, “It takes an average of about 25 minutes to return to the original task, after a distraction”

If your society management app shows you an ad every time you perform a task i.e., approve a visitor, raise Helpdesk tickets, etc, how much time gets wasted in a day? (let us know in the comments!)

What is the Cost of Spammy Society Management Apps for Residents?

To figure out the cost of spam in society management apps for each resident, you can calculate metrics such as:

  • Total no. of spam received
  • Total time lost
  • Average monthly salary

As per evidence, the time wasted by residents on each spam is 5 mins (let’s tone it down from 25 mins as mentioned above)

Even if you receive 2 spam messages daily, you will lose 10 mins per day. And that is equal to 5 hours per month (i.e., 2 spams * 5 mins *30 days = 300 minutes)

Now, the average salary of a typical apartment resident is Rs. 1.25 lakh per month. It means he/she receives Rs. 780 per hour

So, if a resident loses 5 hours per month and each hour costs Rs. 780, the total cost of spam incurred by each resident is Rs. 3,900 per month (i.e., Rs.780/hour * 5 hours).

By this evaluation, the total cost of a spammy society management software for a 100-unit community comes to Rs. 4 lakhs per month. This is the hidden cost of free society management apps that your community isn’t aware of.

The Way Out of Spammy Society Management Apps

While cheaper or free society management apps can seem to be a great deal, the reality is they came with unwanted consequences and hidden costs. However, you’re so concerned about the free price tags, you completely overlook how homeowners will interact with the app. The bottom line of a seamless society management system is user experience. 

If you’re unhappy with your Association’s current “too good to be true” management software, it’s time to migrate to a value for investment society management system. Above all, it will be guaranteed spam-free, which in turn, would save your community expenses altogether. 

The monthly cost of a non-spammy Community app like ADDA is less than Rs. 70 per unit. As a result, the cost will be Rs. 7000 per month and Rs. 84,000 per year for a 100-unit community.

Now that you’re aware of the hidden cost of spammy society management systems, you must be able to better evaluate whether or not your current app is truly going to help your Association succeed. Wondering how to select the best society management software? Check out the guide here!

Still unsure of the ADDA Advantage? Reach out to us at 022-48905764 or mail us at for experts to assess your current society management system & help you develop a plan of action.

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