Changes are good, Announcement manager.

by Simone

The announcement manager is a feature in the ADDA ERP which helps in keeping track of announcements posted in a community, viewing details related to any announcements and approval requests.

We have some important news to share about the announcement manager.

After conducting thorough research we discovered that some of the features in the announcement manager are not providing significant value to users, and usage was also very low. We were also getting many usage queries, as these extra features made the module quite complicated to use.

To overall simplify the module, after careful consideration, we have decided to remove a few features that came under the announcement manager.

Features that are being removed are:

  1. Setup Categories – This option was available for setting up Announcement categories under the notification manager.
  2. Categorize – This feature gave ability to segregate Announcements into different categories
  3. Invoice – To view and raise invoices for Announcements coming from different users
  4. Payment – To record payments from users towards the publishing of Announcements

Worry not! The features that have been retained function, all the same, you can view all announcement details and approval requests under the tab.

This allows us to have a fresh take on the announcement manager, making it simpler and more efficient!

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