The Central Command Centre gets to the level of CCC+

ADDA Central Command Centre Upgrade Illustration

As a Decision Maker, you always wanted LIVE visibility across all your Communities. Now you have it, with the launch of the New CCC – Your all new Central Command Centre!

Want a look into how your Helpdesk team is performing across different properties?

Wondering which vendors receive maximum payments or how your expenses are split across properties?

A view into the CCC will give you all of this information, and much much more, all in one simple view.

Managing 10s or 100s of Communities and getting visibility into the operations of all these living communities can be challenging.

For Community Management Firms (Developer, OAM, HOAM, Management Agent, Syndic, etc), ADDA now brings ultimate transparency into the Operations across all your Communities! 

The upgraded Central Command Centre (CCC) is your all-in-one Business report card. 

What’s in the New CCC?

CCC is now power-packed with a central screen that binds together all key reports (KPIs, metrics, data points, etc) in a much more user-friendly graphical format. It also helps you take quicker actions, saving extra cost spent across all properties under an Enterprise/OAM – all in one place. 

Here are some of the salient features:

(Note: ADDA refers to all users other than Self-Managed Associations as Enterprise users)

1. Your Dashboard. Your Way

Something that the top management team always needs – view into relevant metrics from across properties. Now configure your dashboard from the universe of all properties and metrics, as per your needs. For instance, being a Helpdesk Manager, you can filter the relevant Helpdesk metrics of each property managed. 

2. Interactive Graphical Reports

Say you’re a Group Community Manager, take quick decisions with some of the most important multi-property metrics now represented graphically.

It’s time you easily cross-check key graphical reports like collection summary, expense by categories, etc. across all communities in your portfolio – right on one screen!

3. Detect Anomalies Easily

For a Central Operations Team, detecting anomalies/errors across all communities can be burdensome. But now, in just a couple of clicks, find which Community in your portfolio has the highest outstanding payments, defaulters, or lowest customer ratings, and much more such actionable insights. 

Configure escalation points and detect problem areas marked in red. This helps to cross-check multi-property data points and set benchmarks for the system to alert you for immediate attention.

4. Global Reports

Now get visibility into a repository of reports – Collected Invoices, Open Vendor Invoices, etc – right across all communities. Fetching quick reports on multiple key Community Management related data across your complete Enterprise portfolio has never been easier!

5. Universal Actions

Doing actions which would have impact across all communities, like sending any Announcement to all/multiple Communities can now be done easily from One Screen.

There are a host of other new features that’s “Do Once, Reflect in all Communities” – E.g., Adding of your Staff, which can also be done from your CCC.

So, if you’re an ADDA Enterprise User and want to switch to a central control system, then get started right now, and get hands-on with the newly revamped CCC and carry your enterprise in your pocket. 

We’d like to hear your queries & feedback about the new feature add-ons to make further improvements.

Want to learn more about Central Command Centre? Reach out to us at 022-48905764 or mail us at to know how community management can be easier as it gets.

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