Still Searching for the Best Society Accounting Software in 2022?

Best Society Accounting Software in 2022

Your wait for good society accounting software is over! The property managers and MC members has a lot of society accounting problems. From the time tenants move into an society or apartment, they have to keep track of every single expense. This includes paying utility bills, rent, property taxes, insurance, and any repairs or improvements. If they make a mistake, they may have to pay late fees and penalties.

They also have to be careful not to exceed their budget. And then there’s the hassle of dealing with different types of government agencies that can be confusing and expensive. All of these expenses add up. That’s why many people choose to use society accounting software. “When you’re renting an apartment, property or society, it’s a good idea to use an society accounting software. It’ll help you track all of your expenses, pay your bills on time, and stay within your budget.”

A community is only as strong as its financial and accounting backbone. As a property manager or association member, you are responsible for ensuring the long-term financial stability of your society. With a little help from a trusted society accounting software, the proper management of finances is a sure-fire way to create stable and thriving communities.

Here we’ll explain how to improve the financial landscape of your community, and why it’s essential to invest in an industry-leading society accounting software such as ADDA ERP.  

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Benefits of society accounting software

If you’re running a society, you’ll want to know about the benefits of using a software program to manage your society. You’ll be able to keep track of everything from rent payments to the property manager.

1. You can also use the program to keep track of your finances. You can use it to manage your bank accounts, and you can even use it to generate reports on your income and expenses.

2. You can use the software to organise your inventory. This will allow you to see which items you have in stock, and which ones you need to order.

3. The software can help you to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your leases. You can use it to make sure you’re making the right repairs, and that you’re paying the right amount of rent.

4. You can use the software to manage your staff. You can use it to keep track of their hours, and you can use it to make sure they’re being paid correctly.

5. You can use the software to keep track of your tenants. You can use it to make sure they’re paying their rent, and you can use it to make sure they’re not breaking any of the rules.

6. You can use the software to keep track of your bills. You can use it to make sure you’re paying your bills on time, and you can use it to manage your invoices.

7. You can use the software to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your taxes. You can use it to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your taxes, and you can use it to generate your tax reports.

8. You can use the software to manage your accounting. You can use it to make sure you’re making the right deductions, and that you’re keeping track of your expenses.

9. You can use the software to make sure you’re staying up to date with your lease. You can use it to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your lease, and you can use it to make sure you’re paying the right amount of rent.

10. You can use the software to make sure you’re keeping track of your tenants. You can use it to make sure you’re keeping track of your tenants, and you can use it to make sure they’re paying their rent on time.

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How to choose a right society accounting software

Choosing a society accounting software is a process that requires you to consider many important factors. First, you need to make sure that the software is compatible with your other programs and systems.

You’ll want a solution that integrates easily with your existing software, so that you don’t have to relearn a whole new system. You also need to consider if the software is user-friendly and if you can quickly access the information you need.

Additionally, you should make sure it contains all of the features that you need for tracking rent collections, keeping records for maintenance, tracking leases and more.

Finally, you want a software that is cost-effective and easy to use, so that you don’t have to worry about budgeting issues or difficult-to-navigate menus. By taking all of these elements into account, you’ll be sure to choose the right society accounting software for your needs.

Which is the best society accounting software

Hey everyone! Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to manage all your accounting needs for your apartment building? Look no further! ADDA is the best society accounting software, making the process easy and stress-free.

From keeping track of rent payments, to managing tenants and sending out notices, this software is an invaluable tool for all rental property owners. It also provides a comprehensive set of reports to help you stay on top of your finances.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with all the paperwork and chaotic accounting associated with owning an apartment building, do yourself a favor and give ADDA a try – you won’t regret it!

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Staying On Top Of Your Society’s Accounting

If you’re new to the whole accounting game, fret not. Here are the best ways to ensure you’re successful at being on top of your society’s accounting. 

1. Discipline

Discipline in finance management leads to a streamlined system of collecting maintenance dues, wiser expenditures, increased income and financial sustainability for the community.

By implementing a disciplined cashless housing society with the right society accounting software, you can rest assured that your community’s affairs run smoothly.

Here’s our roundup of the top perks of a proper society accounting system: cashless transactions can be done from anywhere with payment gateways and UPI, absolute cloud security with paperless records created in multiple places, dedicated accounts that ensure complete transparency in community management and an easier review process during end-of-year audits.

2. Regular follow up

A regular follow up of account books and petty cash transactions, is of paramount importance. As opposed to a manual system, you can review the digital account books from an app at your convenience.

3. Efficiency is everything

Efficiency is everything in community management. A society accounting software halves the workload of the property manager or management committee member.

You can direct your efforts toward increasing income by renting out your community’s facilities to residents or third parties. This is where a unified, digital society accounting platform proves to be useful. You can keep track of transactions, bookings and extra cash flow. 

4. Building a sustainable future

Are you committed to building a sustainable future for gated communities? There’s good news! With wiser expenditures and increased revenue, the community management board can develop plans in compliance with environmental values. Solar power, rainwater harvesting, and urban gardens can all transform our living spaces into ones that respect our environment. 

Staying On Top Of Your Society’s Accounting

Why Society Accounting Software Is Useful

Without an accounting system in place, a property loses money and value in the long run. A simple yet robust society accounting software prevents this through the following ways:

  1. 100% automatic maintenance billing and collection using a payment gateway ensures collection occurs fast with zero admin cost and maximum bank interest.
  2. A facility manager interface allows one to track common asset preventive maintenance, thus saving on repair and breakdown costs.
  3. With expert guidance built into the product, tax blunders are prevented, therefore, saving huge penalties on taxes.
  4. Residents using the app can report repair issues, and security concerns immediately, thus preventing huge expenses in the future.
  5. As all staff work, data and transactions are available online, inefficiencies are caught quickly, which improves overall efficiency and reduces maintenance cost.
Why Society Accounting Software Is Useful

Starting The Financial Year Off Right with Society Accounting Software

As the management board approaches the end of a financial year, it swings into high gear in its preparations for the following year. From collating data and readying the documents for the auditor to filing taxes and society registration, it leads to a whirlwind of tasks. 

TDS, GST and professional tax comprise some of the annual documentation that management committee members must do. In most cases, accountants and auditors are third party services hired by housing societies to sort out year-end financial duties.

With a digital system in place, assets and liabilities in the balance sheet are filled up automatically based on the daily entries made by admin members. These error-free and transparent digital records help third parties carry out their tasks more efficiently.

Expense comparison report

Advantages Of Using ADDA’s Robust Society Accounting Software

1. Usability and Functionality of Society Accounting Software

The success of a society accounting software is determined by how well every stakeholder in the community can use it. These stakeholders include residents, apartment association or management members, community managers, accountants, and auditors. ADDA delivers tailor-made products for each user group of your community. 

For residents, there is the ADDA app. Property managers or MC members have the user-friendly and intuitive ADDA Admin App. Accountants and MC members have the comprehensive ADDA ERP, while security personnel use ADDA Gatekeeper

You don’t have to be an accounting whiz to use ADDA ERP. Its easy-to-use and seamless interface ensures that even a layperson can get the most out of it. Here are some of ADDA society accounting software’s unique features:  

  • 100% automated late payment penalty with safeguards against legal disputes
  • 100% integrated payment gateway with the LOWEST transaction charges in the market, due to highest volume of transactions 
  • Automated GST calculation
  • Global best practices for facility management 

2. Ecosystem

ADDA boasts of a far-reaching and thriving product ecosystem. As managers and accountants using ADDA ERP comprise the largest userbase in the market, you have a good chance of finding one already trained in using our society accounting software

In addition to this, ADDA proactively nurtures the community of expert managers and accountants who specialize in Owners Association Management. 

3. Innovation

ADDA harbours a mindset of continuous innovation. We constantly build viable products that are tuned around the needs of a gated community. Communities may choose our society accounting software ADDA ERP to start with, and then use our gate management system ADDA Gatekeeper on a simple plug and play mode (since they’re seamlessly integrated!).

ADDA’s One App One Database gives you all-around efficiency as a property manager or association member, while making community management a truly collaborative experience. 

4. Track Record of ADDA and its Society Accounting Software

ADDA’s flawless track record of 13 years and global reach across five countries shows that we truly live up to our motto, “Rise High”. Even as we wear the crown of the best society accounting software in the industry, we strive to inject improvement into our culture constantly. 


In conclusion, ADDA is a highly reliable and powerful apartment accounting software that is designed to make apartment accounting easier and more efficient.

You’ll be able to easily manage incomes and expenses, as well as track transactions and generate reports. From one-time fees to recurring leases, it has all the features you need to effectively manage your apartment’s finances. Whatever your apartment accounting needs, ADDA is the answer.

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