Facility bookings made easy

by ADDA.io
Facility bookings made easy

In most communities, common amenities are an important part of the whole living experience. Common amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, sports centers, etc. are popular among residents, especially on weekends or holidays.

As a part of the Community Management Team, who is managing the amenities, it is essential to have advanced configurations for effectively setting up all the amenities and handling the bookings fairly for all residents even when there is an increased demand.

We heard you!

Bringing you multiple advanced features related to amenity booking to make things more stress-free for the Management Committees, Owners Association Management or Strata management companies.

Below are few of the important releases we did related to Facility Booking module:

  1. Blockwise booking of facilites.
  2. Checking facility bookings on the go!
  3. Book Guest rooms by providing Check-in Check-out dates
  4. Monthly restriction on usage
  5. Owner-Tenant restriction
  6. Prime Slots

(Some of these features are part of our Advanced Clubhouse Package. In case you are interested to upgrade to this package, then please reach out to our Support team.)

  1. Blockwise booking of facilities
Allow facility bookings based on resident blocks

Sometimes there are amenities which are available for only few blocks/buildings.

This maybe because these amenities are located near or inside these specific blocks, or that some blocks are more premium than others, with additional amenities.

With out latest release, in ADDA, Community Management teams can easily setup amenities which are visible and available for booking to specific blocks/buildings.

2. Check facility bookings on the go

Often Community Management team members need to check the booking status of residents who are using any common facility. With the facility management module in the ADDA Admin App, it is now easy to do this.

Check facility bookings on the go

Head to Admin App > More > Facilities to check details of Facility Bookings for your Community

3. Book Guest rooms by providing Check-in Check-out dates

Now residents can book Guest Rooms or Service Apartments available in their Community exactly like they would normally do a hotel booking from various travel sites.

As Community Management team, you now get configurations to enable this type of this booking. The resident can book a guest room according to check-in and check-out timings and the amount will be charged for the number of nights. Easy peasy!

4. Monthly restriction on Usage

Raise restrictions to ensure fair usage of facilities

To ensure fair usage of facilities among residents, restrictions can be put on maximum usage of facilities.

5. Owner-Tenant restriction

If a tenant is using facilities, the owner cannot see it. When it comes to facility booking and usage of other common facilities the restriction can be enabled for privacy purposes.

6. Prime Slots

Oh! This is a great feature which can result in better usage of facilities among residents and can generate great revenue for the Owners Association.

During the evening hours or the weekends, there is usually a high demand for facilities. These high demand slots can now be marked as Prime Slots, which can also have a higher booking price. Restrictions can also given on how many prime slots can be booked for a period like a month or a week. This makes managing the bookings easier and can also reduce disputes among residents around usage of facilities.

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