Bringing to you a brand new Move-In process!


Move-In processes for Residential Communities often tend to become tedious, involving a lot of back and forth between Community Management teams and Owners/Tenants who are moving in.

Bringing to you a new and improved Move-In process, which is a nifty upgrade to the Move-In process we already had in ADDA.

This flow is already present for multiple geographies. Presently the same is being launched in India.

So, what is new?

Here are a few salient features of the Move-In flow, which you will love!

1. Approvers and Workflows

As a part of the community management team, you now have the ability to set up “Approvers” and create workflows. These “Approvers” get the ability to approve the move-ins by verifying and approving the documents and details submitted by the owners/tenants who are moving in.

2. App based Move in form for Owners/Tenants

For Owners, Tenants who are moving in, the process can be completed from the App, by filling out a simple Move-In form.

3. Checklists for your Community Management Team around Move In/Out

Ensure fool-proof implementation of Move In/Out process, by setting up checklists for your Community Staff.

4. Custom Fields

We understand that every community have their unique requirements. Hence we have given you the capability to set up custom fields to help capture any information that you may need from your Owners/Tenants who are moving in.

Here is how the new Move-In flow works!

There are 2 segments to this flow:

  1. The Admin Flow and
  2. The Owner/Tenant Flow.

On the Admin side, the Community Management team, can setup Approvers and Workflows. They can also work on verifying the Owner/Tenants who have submitted the move in form for approval.

The Admin Flow

  • To activate this flow, go to ADDA ERP Admin Side and access the Move In/Out tracker
  • Here you can set up a workflow for proper approval of Move-ins, and set up multiple “Approvers”.
  • On enabling the “Move In-flow”, a standard Move-In form becomes available to the Owners and Tenants who are moving in. 

Verifying Move-ins

After Owner/Tenant has filled and submitted the Move In form, on the Admin portal, the respective approvers can verify the submitted details and Approve the move-in application.

Owner/Tenant Flow:

If you are an Owner or Tenant moving into a Community, below are few simple steps for you to follow:

  • Download the ADDA App from App Store or Play Store
  • Click on “Create Account” on the login page
  • Select the Community you are moving into, fill in the Move-in Form and submit the necessary documents for approval from the Community Management team

Once the Move In application has been approved by the Community Management Team, the Owner/Tenant gets login credentials to log in to the ADDA App.

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