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by Raj
The Complete Guide On Apartment Management System

Unbelievable title to this article, isn’t it? It is absolutely justified to wonder if at all an apartment database management system can cease to be a headache for the management committee members. Collecting maintenance dues, utility bills, compiling a defaulter list, charting budget, income, expenses, maintaining the books, managing apartment facilities, setting up a stern apartment security system, keeping the residents involved in community building activities are some of the basic responsibilities of a management committee member.

Yet, here we are. Claiming these duties and serious responsibilities can be accomplished without much of a sweat. Naturally, the very obvious question arises – how? Today In this blog we will understand why you should  use Apartment database management system for your society.

How apartment management system reduces the duties and serious responsibilities of MC members

The answer is short and simple – technology. Technology is that messiah, the world needs to keep up with its growing demands. It cuts down workload remarkably, increases efficiency and has the potential to be a sustainable approach to most issues we face on a daily basis. There are very few fields that have still not been touched by the powers of technology. And then there are fields like apartment management

Management of gated communities have been one of the most underrated responsibilities. Management committee members are an unappreciated lot doing a thankless voluntary job. The creation of a cloud based apartment database management system is a small way of showing the MCs the value we attach to the time and effort they devote to assist in building better communities around the world.

How Apartment Management System acts for Residents

1. Connect With Community Neighbors/Fellow Owners & Association

ADDA provides a Private Social Networking Platform which helps connect Neighbors. Be it Important Discussions regarding the Community, or asking Neighbors for Advice, or staying updated regarding all Activities in the Community; Staying Connected makes Community Living not only Fun, but a lot more Secure! 

Below are some popular features of Apartment Database Management System for  Residents:

  • Forum Discussion: Threaded Conversation Forum. Put up important Updates on Notice Boards.
  • Online Polls: Gather opinion of Community members on various matters of Importance.
  • Groups Connect: with Neighbors with Similar Interests like Sports, Hobbies, Volunteer Work.
  • Photos, Albums: Share photos with Neighbors, preserve memories of Community Events.
Connect With Community Neighbors/Fellow Owners & Association

2. The One Stop Apartment Management System for Owners & Tenants

Managing all Information related to your apartment can be a task. More so, if you have multiple properties or are living away from your Property, starting from Raising Maintenance Requests, Making Payments of Property Dues, Maintaining Accounts History to Managing Tenants’ Data, Apartment Management App – ADDA makes it super easy to manage it all. 

Below are some popular features of the Apartment Database Management System for owners and tenants.

  • Payments Integrated: Payment Gateway, gives Residents multiple choices for Payments, Residents get Instant Receipts.
  • Document Management: Helps maintain all Property and Tenancy related Documents in one place. Easy Sharing Options with other Members.
  • Property Management: Ability to Manage Multiple Properties, Tenants and Apartment related data like Family Members, Vehicles, Parking.
  • Helpdesk: Easily raise Maintenance Requests and track to Quick Closure. Attach photos, provide comments & feedback.
The One Stop Apartment Management System for Owners & Tenants

3. Unlock the Benefits of Living in a Housing Society

Whether it’s about the new Yoga Classes in the Clubhouse, or the Neighbors giving away pre-used Books and Toys – information about all Community Activities is available right on the ADDA App. Get the most out of living in a community with ADDA. 

Below are some popular benefits of the Apartment Database Management System for people living in a housing society.

  • Discover: Buy, Rent or Sell anything from Furniture, Toys to Apartments. Checkout Local Vendors Recommended by Neighbors.
  • Facilities: Ability to check availability of Common Facilities, including options to make online payments to confirm booking.
  • Activities: Do not miss out on any Activities – Events, Celebrations, Hobby sessions happening in the Community.
  • Directory: Directory of all neighbors – Setup Privacy Options, have Direct Chat with Neighbors. List of Emergency Contacts.
Unlock the Benefits of Living in a Housing Society

How Apartment Management System acts for Management

The property you manage is worth millions. You deserve the best society management software to handle it.

1. Units & Users

As an Association member, Community / Property Manager, this module will help you manage all Units & Users data from one Single birds eye view! Send broadcasts to all Owners, Tenants and manage access of all users on ADDA platform.

How Apartment Management System acts for Management

2. Facility Booking

Association gets powerful options to setup Common Facilities for Online Booking and also Configure Booking Parameters. For Residents this provides Immense Convenience as they can easily check Availability and Book by making Payments Online. For Associations this Streamlines Processes and Increases Revenue by avoiding ad-hoc booking requests!

Facility Booking

3. Helpdesk Tracker

Forget the hassles of manually managing maintenance complaints and escalations from Residents! Get the ability to Centrally track Complaints, Suggestions and Requests. Set up Task Owners, Timelines and Escalation Matrix. Bring in Speedy Resolution of Issues resulting in Delight of Residents.

Helpdesk Tracker

4. Asset & Inventory Management

With this Society Management System’s One Central Module, now maintain details of all Assets in the Apartment Complex; Set up Maintenance Reminders, maintain related Documents, Service History, Complaints Record. Save lakhs in repair and breakdown costs, increase longevity of assets and add value to the property.

Asset & Inventory Management

5. Projects & Task Manager:

Manage meetings, take & circulate MoMs, reports. Automatic Email and SMS Reminders.

6. Document Management 

Central storage space for all property, association, resident related documents.

7. Vendor Management

Complete Management of Vendors, vendor database. Invoices, payments history.

How Apartment Management System can be used for Society Accounting

ADDA is the World’s Most Used Society Accounting Software. Keep money matters on your fingertips, pave the way for convenient & transparent accounting. Below are some popular features of the Apartment Database Management System for accounting:

1. Billing & Collection Automation with Apartment Management System

With this Apartment Billing Software, achieve on time & smooth billing with automated invoicing with pre configured formulae for calculating dues. Integrated Payment Gateway, gives residents multiple choices for payments & instant receipts are generated. Online Defaulter Follow-up options help Increase your Collection.

How Apartment Management System can be used for Society Accounting

2. Manage Your Expense with Apartment Management System

Is the Maintenance due to residents making up for your Expenses? What are the areas of maximum spend? The Budgeting Module and Extensive Expense Reports, helps in giving visibility to expenses and better strategise ideas to reduce costs. 

Manage Vendor Invoicing and Payments, Bulk Upload Expenses, Create and Manage Purchase Requests.

Expense Management

3. Integrated Payment Gateway

ADDA has integration with many major payment gateways in multiple geographies. This enables Apartment, Condo or Villa Owners and Tenants to easily make payment for dues, on the go, from the ADDA App. Instant receipts are generated and Dues get cleared off. Facility Booking, Move in/out charges, Festival ticketing can all be done easily through Payment Gateway.

Integrated Payment Gateway

4. Bank & Cash 

Bank Reconciliation, visibility into the Book Balance as well as Bank Balance. Multiple Petty Cash accounts can be tracked Maintain Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements.

5. General Ledger 

End to End Accounting from defining Chart of Accounts to generation of Trial Balance and Final Balance Sheets. Track expenses of utilities and invoices in your Apartment Complex.

6. Utility Tracker 

Setup and Maintaining Separate Billing of Utilities like Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator, etc.

How Apartment Management System can be used for Communication

Build Trust through Effective Communication. One of the Key Success Factors for Apartment Association Members / Property Manager / OAMS is Effective Communication with Owners. Below are some popular features of the Apartment Database Management System for communication:

1. Broadcasts

ADDA provides easy Broadcast options to Communicate with Owners and Tenants. Be it Emergency Drills, updates regarding Community Celebrations or Important Community related Decisions – keep everyone updated.

  • Broadcast: by Sticky Put up Important Announcements on the Online Sticky board.
  • Email Broadcasts: Send Instant or Schedule Email Broadcasts to all Members.
  • SMS Broadcast: Send SMS broadcasts to instantly reach all Members.
  • Mobile Notifications: For the Smartphone users, send Broadcasts as Push Notifications.
How Apartment Management System can be used for Communication

2. Internal Ad Manager

Several businesses or freelancers are often interested in advertising to dwellers of Apartment, Condo or Villa Complexes. For Associations interested to open up this extra revenue source, ADDA provides an Ad Manager platform. Manage content of Ads, expiry date and also price which in turn results in automatic accounting entries.

Internal Ad Manager

How Apartment Management System acts for Board

Get visibility into statistics & derive actionable insights. Take better decisions for your Community from over 150+ Reports at your disposal. 

Learn more about your community and make better decisions on Financial Matters and Management of Facilities. ADDA offers over 150 comprehensive reports available for MIS to the Managing Committee as well as for single click publishing for Residents.

How Apartment Management System acts for Board

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