Managing AMCs has never been easier!

by adda

If you are a part of the Community Management team, managing the AMCs for assets like Generator, Transformer, Lifts and also for other Service providers can be quite a hassle.

Having your assets serviced on a regular basis is essential as any breakdown can cause major hassles to residents and also cost a lot of money to repair.

Hence, remembering important dates such as service dues or contract expiry, and dealing with the paperwork that comes with it all, is an important task, and a challenging one too!

These problems now gets solved with our latest AMC module under Vendor Master.

Here is what is new:

1. Creating Annual Maintenance Contracts

On the ADDA ERP Portal, you can set up AMCs with Payment Schedules and Service Schedules.

We have also made it simple for you to manage all of your paperwork by allowing you to upload and save all of your contract-related documents in one place.

2. Keeping Track of Important Dates For Better Asset Management

It is critical that Asset Management in the community is in working order, and all assets are serviced regularly.

Any malfunction or damage to the assets can create quite a hassle. As a result, you must be careful not to miss any important dates, such as service due dates, etc. Go to the “Calendar” section to get a month-by-month calendar view of significant dates in that month to help you keep track of such important dates.

3. Contract Expiry Reminders For Hassle Free AMC Management

To avoid all the hassle (and save you money), we send reminder emails before your contracts expire. With these reminders, you can streamline your Asset Management and complete AMC-based decisions/negotiations well in advance and avoid any last-minute hassles.

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