Adios COVID, you shall not be missed


Over the last couple of years, COVID had taken a toll on many of our lives. We, at ADDA, tried to do our bit by releasing features like Vaccination Tracker and Home Quarantine Tracker in the ADDA App.

These features were created with the intention to help create a safe atmosphere among residents and motivate them to get vaccinated. But now, we have decided to discontinue the Vaccination Tracker and Quarantine tracker almost two years after they were introduced.

Why are these features being Sunset?

Today, with nearly everyone being vaccinated, and relatively few quarantine cases, the Vaccination and Quarantine Trackers see little reason to continue. COVID being a thing of the past, these features do not hold much relevance in the ADDA App presently.

For Community Admins

1. Vaccination report will still remain available in the ADDA ERP portal (ERP > Unit & Users > Reports > Vaccination Tracker Report).

2. Admin will also be able to find the Quarantine Tracker report from the ADDA ERP portal (ERP > Unit & Users > Quarantine Tracker)

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