The Admin App now comes with few awesome new features!


As a part of our objective of making the lives of Community Management teams easier, we have added some new and interesting features to our already robust Admin App. Let us walk you through what we have in store for you this time:

Helpdesk has been upgraded

You would often have to take care of maintenance issues which involves multiple apartments/condos or villa units. Now you can effectively manage such Helpdesk requests, by tagging multiple units to a request. Send updates to all tagged Units, right from the App, with just one tap!

The new and enhanced Announcement Manager 

Being in control of all Announcements going out to Owners/Tenants, is now easier than ever! Easily check and approve announcements created by other members of your Community Management team (or make edits if required) right from the Admin App!

Also, you can now bulk shoot announcements to multiple recipients (blocks) at the same time. This makes creating and sending Announcements very easy, specially if you are managing a large community with different property types.

Incident Reports right at your fingertips

With our Gatekeeper App, it is easy for Security Personnel or other Community Management staff to report incidents like theft, accidents, altercations, etc.

Now with the Incident reports available right in the Admin App, Community Management team can get instantly alerted and can also closely follow any reported incident right from their phone.

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