Harmonious Community Living through a Convenient & Transparent AGM!

by adda

In a residential community, AGMs hold immense significance, where a lot of critical discussions happen and important decisions get taken. Being able to conduct AGMs in a convenient and transparent manner goes a long way in enabling harmonious and happy community living.

ADDA is all set to release a comprehensive Online AGM module (only for few select geographies for now). With ADDA’s new Online AGM, you can save up on a ton of manual effort and trouble by conducting the entire AGM from the convenience of your computer screen.

Here are the main benefits of the module:

1. Convenient and Smooth

Everything from setup, sending e-invites to attendees, to recording and mail AGM Minutes can happen conveniently from ADDA.

2. Transparent process with Real Time visibility

The votes cast during the AGM have a significant community-wide impact. And the chances of disputes arising regarding miscalculation or mis-capturing votes are not uncommon. With ADDA’s system, as voting takes place on the ADDA App, the chances of such disputes arising are nil.

To top it all off, the ERP provides real-time visibility into the entire voting process.

3. Increased participation of remote users

ADDA allows its users to join remotely and vote, enabling maximum participation and ensuring that each vote is counted, fairer decisions are taken and a harmonious community living experience is created.

Below are the top 5 Salient Features of the Online AGM Module:

1. Setup AGM (setup multiple Agenda, Description, type of majority required for the agenda to get approved, etc.)

2. Sending out Automated Invites to only authorised attendees (As the community master data is already setup in ADDA, the system automatically chooses the primary legal owner and sends the invite only to them)

3. Smart Voting for AGMs (App based Voting for the agenda items, where voting can be enabled for one agenda at a time for better control of the AGM, real time visibility into the votes being cast)

4. Ability to collect and record votes of offline participants to the AGM

5. Ability to record MoMs and keep history of previous AGMs in ADDA

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