Providing Reviews in Software Listing Sites

by Krishanu
providing customer reviews 2

Software Review sites like SoftwareAdvice, Capterra, G2, etc. as you might already know, are few key websites for real users to share authentic reviews about technologies, tools, and platforms that they use.

These peer reviews and insights are extremely useful to other users and empower them to make informed decisions for their business requirements.

An endorsement from you, in these websites would matter a lot to us. Below are the respective links for each of these sites, where you can leave your review:

Some simple guidelines

Here are a few simple guidelines which can make the experience of providing the review easy for you:

  • There are usually multiple sections, many of which are however “optional”. If you are pressed with time, you can just fill up the “mandatory” questions
  • There maybe a few questions targeted to corporate/professionals – Example: Company Name, Number of Employees, etc. You can mention your corporate details here or even details of your Community – Example: You can give the name of your Association in place of Company Name
  • If you need to beat writer’s block, here are some inspiration which can help you tell your story:
    • What was life like before ADDA? What pains were you experiencing?
    • What made you choose ADDA?
    • How has this made a difference in your business/life?
providing customer reviews

Review Ideas and Templates

Below, you’ll also find some templates which you can readily use for crafting your review:


Review Type 1: Highlighting Benefits

Example 1: “ADDA has helped us reduce our defaulters by a huge percentage! The ease of generating automatic invoices and on the spot generation of receipt on making a payment, has made life easy for all of us.”

Example 2: “ADDA has helped me save a lot of manual effort. Earlier to pull out any report, it used to take several hours. Now with ADDA, we are able to pull the data in just a few minutes”


Review Type 2: Highlighting a specific feature, and benefits it has given you

Example: “The One feature which has done wonders for us is Helpdesk. Previously managing Helpdesk / Work Order requests was very tough for us, having to track them over calls, registers, and messages. 

ADDA Helpdesk, has been working wonders for everyone. Residents are able to easily Create a Request and track its progress online. The Helpdesk team now has a centralised platform to track all requests.”

Review Type 3: Talking about your Overall Experience; around Product, Support

Example: “ADDA was a great choice for us. It is easy to use and has a rich set of features and also continuously keeps adding new features to their software. The customer support team has been very helpful. I recommend this software to all residential communities.”

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