HOA Violation Tracker – New on ADDA: Community Guidelines and Violations.

by Nikita Bisht

A residential Community is nothing short of a mini-country, where you have residents from multiple ethnicity, religions and backgrounds staying together.

Having a transparent set of Restrictions list and Community Guidelines, & structured process to handle violations – go a long way in maintaining harmonious living in the Community

Restrictions List & Violations Management

By utilising the ADDA HOA Management Software and ADDA Community SuperApp, the Community management team can ensure that all residents are aware of the Community Guidelines & Restrictions and any Violations are tracked and managed in a fair, transparent manner. 

Guidelines & Restrictions

1. ADDA HOA Management Software: Empowering Community Management Teams

This module enables the Community Management Teams with the following capabilities:

a. Restriction List Creation: Community Management team members can easily create & maintain specific restrictions tailored to the community’s needs. Example: Parking related restrictions, restrictions around waste management, restrictions around noise, etc.

This list of restrictions becomes available to residents in the ADDA Community SuperApp, for easy access and reference.

b. Warning and Penalty Configurations: Various configurations around Warning duration, Penalty being implemented, etc. help the management team in managing violations in a seamless manner, while avoiding chances of conflict.

c. Approval Configurations: A robust and configurable Approval process ensures a no-conflict violation management process!

d. Lodge Violations: Suppose you observe a violation of the Community Guidelines, while on your round of the Community. Just open up your ADDA Community SuperApp, and lodge the same along with photos if relevant.

Any raised violations go through an approval process, post which, it gets published to residents.

Note: The identity of the individual reporting the violation will always remain confidential.

2. ADDA Community SuperApp: Empowering Residents

The ADDA Community SuperApp acts as an effective communication channel between the Community Management team and the residents, providing them with all information related to Community Guidelines, Restrictions and Violations as applicable.

a. Access to Community Restrictions : Residents can view all their community Guidelines in “Restrictions & Violation” section, ensuring they stay informed about community restrictions.

b. HOA Violation Tracker: Through the app, the Community management team can effectively gather attention of the Residents when a violation is raised.

Why this feature?

Community Guidelines and Violations

By sharing clear guidelines through the app, residents stay informed, thus creating a harmonious living environment. This feature helps in :

1. Promoting Transparency and Upholding Community Living Standards, and higher property value in the long run

2. By carefully setting up configurations and approvals, disputes are avoided as residents receive complete information about reported violations, and incorrect incidents are prevented from being raised

3. Residents receive detailed information about violations, including the time-frame to rectify the situation, necessary actions, and potential penalties. This ensures more effective tracking of violations within the community.

How is this different from Helpdesk in ADDA

Violation tracker query

ADDA’s Help Desk serves as a centralized platform through which Owners/Tenants can reach out to the Community Management team for any Query/Issue.

However, if violations are tracked through Community Helpdesk, it often results in multiple to and fro, consuming a lot of extra time for the involved people and also chances of dispute becomes much higher, as a lot of processes become dependent on manual implementation.

Restrictions list and HOA Violation tracker is an advanced HOA Community Management module, which helps in managing all the operations around this, in a streamlined manner, resulting in huge time savings for the Community Management team and also Delight for the residents.


Community Guidelines/Restrictions and Streamlined HOA Violation tracker within a community are vital for building Happy Communities. Interested in implementing these features for your HOA Community? Talk to us now!

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