Material Movement Module: Managing Community Assets With ADDA!

by Nikita Bisht
Material movement

Do you find it challenging to keep track of assets in your community, like gym equipment, pumps or other materials, once it has been taken out for servicing?

We’ve got some fantastic news that will put your asset management concerns to rest! We’re thrilled to unveil ADDA‘s all-new Material Movement Module, designed with one goal in mind: ensuring accountability of your community’s assets.

Why Did We Create This Module?

In large communities, there are often assets which are taken out of the premises for servicing. And, if this is not tracked properly, it leads to financial losses.

Our Material Movement Module is your guardian angel here. It provides secure tracking and streamlined movement approval, significantly reducing the risk of losses.

It Offers a secure system for Tracking assets, significantly reducing the risk of losses and unauthorised usage, thus establishing a Robust accountability framework.

Material Movement Module

Benefits at a glance

1. Increased Accountability: With this module, the Community Management Team gains the ability to associate individuals with asset movements outside the Community. For instance, when an asset is taken out (e.g., for repairs), the team can assign responsibility to a Community Staff member or Visitor. With this tagging, a Gatepass is issued to the Community Staff or Visitor, and the record of this gatepass is maintained in the ERP system. This record of the Gatepass makes it easier to track the asset’s return in case there is delay in the same.

2. Better visibility to Security Guards at Gate: Gatepasses issued by the Community Management Team are visible to security guards, aiding in their verification of Staff or Visitors responsible for asset transport outside the Community. This comprehensive gatepass system provides guards with a clear view of outgoing assets, allowing them to enforce stringent security protocols at the gate.

3. Better tracking of Assets History: Asset movements, recorded via Gatepasses, allow the Community Management Team to categorize assets as either intended for return or permanently taken out (for sale or disposal). Assets marked for return form a separate record, aiding the team in closely monitoring vendors or personnel responsible for asset return.

How Does It Work?

  1. Admin Portal: Head to your admin portal.
  2. Assets & Inventory: Find the Material Movement Module under Assets & Inventory.
  3. Gatepass Creation: Create a gatepass by filling in asset details.
  4. Service or Expired Assets: Depending on whether the asset is to be returned or not, it’s categorized under Service Assets or Expired Assets.

We’ve crafted this module with precision to simplify asset management and reduce your financial losses. No more chasing down missing equipment or their unauthorised use!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to enhance your community management experience. Together, we’re building smarter, more efficient communities!

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